Second DLC - Jewel of the West

Anyone get on of the new “building pieces” DLCs? There is this and the Oriental Build Pack.

They look interesting, they are $10 each, but in Steam I’ve read that some of the parts don’t fit flush with each other. I assume something to be corrected with a future update. I might wait for them to go on sale.

Can anyone comment?

I haven’t used the eastern building pieces yet. I haven’t had any trouble yet with the western construction pieces though.

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Worth the purchase?

You get a lot of items for the price. More than I see in most games. Ultimately it will depend on if you will actually use the pieces and items or not. I haven’t used the Khitan set yet though I have a plan to. The Aquilonian set I have been using the hell out of. It looks great. Really good detail.

You can check out my Khitan builds,