September 15th stream give away!

Next give away scheduled for Saturday afternoon on September 15th. 10x100,00 gold plus over a million gold worth of other prizes. Grand prize will be 500,000 gold. Hope to see you there and good luck!


Awesome! Thanks for doing another giveaway. Hopefully I’ll have better luck this time :rofl:

Look forward to it! THANKS guys!! :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thank you for your generosity!

Stream will start at 3pm central. Hope to see you there. =)

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and congrats to all the winners. Thank you for the support and hope to see you come back. Next months stream will be on OCT 13th. Will be a birthday/giveaway stream and should be the biggest one yet! Please stop by our regular stream and say hi! You guys rock!!!

***100,000 gold ***sassy31 @sassy (sent)

***100,000 gold ***fursnake @Ryuken (sent)

***100,000 gold ***molarean @molarean (sent)

***100,000 gold ***tess_phyreforge_otg @tess (sent)

***100,000 gold ***esspressodoubleshot @kappucino (sent)

***100,000 gold ***sassy31 @sassy (sent)

***100,000 gold ***tahoenvy @tahoenvy (sent)

***100,000 gold ***duchessmercia @sieane (sent)

***100,000 gold ***sommersstar @sommersstar(sent)

***100,000 gold ***super_ninja_pig @superninjapig (sent)

***Runebox: Big-Eared Ginger Kitten ***otg_mrchase @mrchase (sent)

***Runebox: Big-Eared Ginger Kitten ***duchessmercia @sieane (sent)

***Runebox: Big-Eared Ginger Kitten ***super_ninja_pig @superninjapig (sent)

***Research scroll-1 day, 10 each (BS,WW,JC,Cloth) ***drthree @drthree (sent)

***Research scroll-1 day, 10 each (BS,WW,JC,Cloth) ***tcmexman @tcmexman (sent)

***Research scroll-1 day, 10 each (BS,WW,JC,Cloth) ***fairen01 @fairen (sent)

Grand Prize

***Style Page: Ilambris’ Mask and Shoulder ***mezzum @mezzum (sent)

***500,000 gold ***sassy31 @sassy (sent)


It was a lot of fun, thank to both of you.

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Sorry I missed it guys :frowning: Will be watching for the next one :slight_smile:

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Glad I could join in. This is the first time I have ever watched a stream and participated in it. Also, watching you guys play got me interested in playing that day and I actually played for the first time in months. I would really hate the 6 months I have to work extra if it wasn’t for all that sweet extra money.

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Great job you guys!! Can’t wait to see the next one!

Sassy had the winning touch… Vegas baby!


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