Shopping discussion ATV/ RTV

So personally I think the overuse of shopping kiosks is a bad thing. Despite CR or Jared stating they don’t want to ruin the immersion and storytelling of the game by removing shops completely I still think that using them is going to do that if not monitored heavily.

Does Casaba need them? Absolutely. That much inventory rotating in and out makes perfect sense.

Does the shops that provide space suits and armor? Probably, but I think having localized selection makes for a better overall experience.

Shops that provide weapons? Only for ammo, leave the small shop feel the way it is now. Just find a way to add a testing range somehow.

Lastly ship parts, yes and no. The way they were talking about how they plan to do it. Upload your choice of ship, select something like a cooler and it gives you all those options. I like the fact that I can concentrate on improving one ship at a time that way. But currently they have no plans for a shopping cart so if I want to get something quick and easy for multiple ships I may not be able to do that.

Ship saleslots. Absolutely not, give me an NPC salesman who wants to talk me into buying a ship…

Interesting take on the Ship salesman. Never thought of that. Would be interesting option to have.

If I heard correctly, they will not be removing the option to view items directly and purchase them the way we do now in stores. They are simply adding the option to only use the kiosk if you do not want to walk around the store. They said something about not wanting to take away the RP feel of browsing the store.

But in the case of large ship components there is no way to put all of those large items in a store so it will probably have one or two “special sale” items on the floor and the rest only accessible by kiosk.

And hell yes I want a greasy used ship salesman to come try and offload that 7 owner Freelancer to me.

I’m not sure about a greasy used salesman personally, give me the overly provocative short skirt wearing sales lady any day…


I think some variety in the salesman would be good. Instead of always having a new ship sold to you, maybe get some junker from a scrap yard or used ship salesman.

Personally, I hope that we can buy or find junkers that need some components to get flying again. Just enough to get it to a port where you can begin overhauls and what not. Having a guild or personal outpost where these type of things can be done somewhat safely would be cool as well.

I love this idea. I think it is likely far off if at all possible but i would be fun.

Something I’d like to see…shopping offline, using in-game money. Here I am, at work, in a meeting, bored out of my mind, so I log in and shop. For ship parts, clothes, commodities, buy iron on planet A for me to come pick up tonight and carry to planet B, etc. I hope they give us something like that as well.

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I think that is something they should be able to achieve with what they keep talking about with regards to Spectrum. They are wanting both offline and online to be integrated in several aspects of the game and I imagine shopping just makes sense. You would just have to login and go pick everything up from your Deliver To locations.

Oh absolutely. My in-game time is limited, browsing seems a waste of time, but I’m absolutely willing to spend my employer’s time browsing in a game to save my in-game time for more important pursuits. Buy parts for my ship, assemble the parts and have my ship on the tarmac, idling, when I log in, filled with cargo to carry somewhere! :slight_smile:

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I like it when they pay me to do things I want to do.

Hopefully we get to see some “so bad they’re good” used ship salesman commercials at some point.