Skyrim players still around?

I know Skyrim isn’t a MMO, but I’m looking to install it and wanted to use mods to make it look and sound its very best possible on my new 2018 good quality gaming computer and extra wide monitor.

But because there have been new versions, new hardware, and many years of production I see that the MODs are often from many years ago, and I am unsure which ones to choose for the simplest, best, safest use on a modern 2018 set up with my original Skyrim game (re-downloaded from steam)

Perhaps others here dabble in one-players now and then and are more familiar with this?

Haven’t played it in awhile but there are always new Mods being made. I suggest going to and downloading the mod manager they have.

This is a good source for the SE Version: I’m sure you could find similar for the regular version. Just use the Nexus Mod Manager though, it will keep you sane.

I have an assassin archer who I roleplay with self-enforced carry restritions + food / drink requirements. I find it alot more freeing than restrictive. Just a lot of less stuff to lug / pick up. Anyways, I don’t have a mod list on me or the top of my head. When I get home I’ll try and remember to write up the mod list and paste it. Did this for a friend at work I think I had around 30-50 mods ? The bulk are either down loaded through the Skyrim menu and some others I’ve visited Bethesda (dot ) Net - select Game or is it Mods - then select Skyrim - and selected mods via their website. I believe they are downloaded when I next launch Skyrim. (ie: I don’t have to install / go through a install process using Bethesda’s website - Mods menu ).

Just gotten back into picking up where I left off with my 3rd or 4th Fallout 4 character the past couple of days. Gotta divide my time up for Grim Dawn , Battle Tech (HBS / Paradox) , and my new favorite No Man’s Sky. God, I love NMS!


From the best I can tell from researching it, Skyrim SE is mainly graphical and other related changes. There were no gameplay, content or other changes along those lines correct? In other words, if graphics and looks do not mean a lot to you and you are perfectly happy with your heavily “OMG - so many mods. So. Many. Mods” non-SE edition, no reason to really change to SE?

I would say so. It does me another chance to get my achievements though. :slight_smile:

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