Smartphone Feedback

I figure I should say that this is very easy to work with on my phone. Much better than the old forums. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy 8Plus and I chose to add this to my home screen. It made a nifty icon with our logo, and when pressed it flashes a quick title screen as it loads up! Dude.

Well done!

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Interesting. The icon is more like an instant app. It may be using a Chrome shell, but it doesn’t have an address bar or the like, and functions like an app.

Better and better.

I’m using the Vincent theme in my phone btw. I can’t tell too much of a difference with the other dark themes.

Hmmm, don’t use Chrome and I see it requires it, guess I will pass.

I’m posting this from firefox so don’t think chrome is required on mobile.

I’ll try it again. It said i needed the chrome stable version.

I should further qualify that I was using an iphone.

Darn Iphone. was using an android. trying again anyways.

Are you using chrome beta channel?

Well THERE’S yer problem…

iPhone 4evah!


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Ummm, i use firefox. I’ll just put chrome on there to try out the app.

Works in Safari on iPhone too. Go iPhone!

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Ok, between phone calls got it working by D/Ling chrome. looks just like the website, nice!

Hope your Apple gets worms Cef!


I’ve run my own tests on iPhone as well as an older android tablet. Both using Chrome.

:+1: The forums looked great on both and ran smoothly.

I downloaded the Discourse app so I don’t have to log in on Safari. It’s simple and I think the site looks great on my iPhone.

I’m sorry Iphones are prohibited, per Cef!