SNYDELEE >>>>A big thank you for Fire Mage help

I wish to shout out a big thank you to Snydelee for the information he provided about the Fire Mage. I was struggling with my 110 at the beginning of Legion to the point I just parked her and left her alone. But recently I wanted to go back and try to see what I could do about changing her into a toon I could enjoy again like I did when I first created her years ago.

Snydelee was extremely helpful in that he provided me some good feedback, some macros and just overall support to my efforts. Then I picked up the new GS and went to LazyMacros and found a Fire Mage macro to see what I could do to fix my understanding and ability playing the squishy Fire Mage.

At heart I am a ranged dps’er and have tried to figure out how to play my Mage but unfortunately she plays so differently than my lock or even my hunter that I became frustrated. So taking a step back with this new xpac and the steep learning curve that is hitting everyone, I decided to give it another go.

I was successful in yesterday’s Horde scenario and did not die. THAT was an accomplishment and I was so stunned at how well I did, even though some of my stuff was not easily available due to the GCD. I was really happy also to find I was able to adjust on the fly (which was purely and accidental key hit) not to lose health so quickly and basically came out of one encounter with almost my entire health bar full. So with that miss-key hit I redid it to see what I actually did to accomplish that…I hit my blink. I totally forgot about that talent so now that is firmly in my memory I am experimenting on when to use it and what to pair it with besides using the invis talent.

So Snydelee…here’s a salute to your patience with my somewhat bumbling attempts. You really explained things in a different way than how I read things, to the point it finally made sense to my brain.

I also have to say Snydelee is not the only person who has helped me but for some reason the way he explained it to me this past week, just made my frosted window clear…that is amazing.


Hey thanks Lynn, glad it is working. Good to see you get past the frustration point on that class!

Thanks Snydelee…