So, question. What is the current OTG stance on multiboxing?

Better to find out now than later. :slight_smile:


If Blizzard is OK with it why should we care?

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Aye, I just had some trouble with it in another game chapter so I wanted to check up front with the WoW group.

I don’t like creating drama. :slightly_smiling_face:


Usually the stance that OTG takes,

is that if the game has no rules against it and it is allowed by the game by the by-laws of the game, usually the OTG chapter would allow it.

I don’t think that any OTG chapter strictly prohibits it as part of OTG by laws.

But if the game says no good then the OTG chapter would say no good.

So it would be a game dependent because some games prohibit it, some don’t care and some would almost encourage it and OTG chapter would probably follow suit.

OK hope that isn’t confusing because it was rather long windy road.

Not confusing in the least I assure you. :slight_smile:

I concur with you, if the game says no, then the guild should say no. Previously it was argued by the leaders of that subgroup that the game had not said yes or no and the multiboxing software was “illegal software” like botting software. I appealed this and the OTG leadership ruled in my favor, but it was drama and hurt feelings that I very much regret. :frowning:

I am guessing I have nothing to worry about with WoW, I just feel it’s better to make sure ahead of time rather than assume everything is good. (IE. It’s better to be sure you have permission than to ask for forgiveness later, heh)