So whos still running?

its been a while since i played Ark, but i have found the urge over the weekend and have loaded it back up will all the DLCs.

who are the active servers these days?

Join the Wozzle World group on Steam. There, you’ll find postings of current active servers.

And there should be a pinned thread with server lists.

The pinned list has what OTG servers are up that I know of. I also still have a presence on Official Primitive Plus, Aberration map, CrossARK4

Anyone on XBOX or crossplay? That’s all I have :frowning:

thanks! i forgot i was already on that lol

We just started playing ourselves, on a private server with some real life friends.

The brutal aspects in PvP makes us very leery of playing with strangers; wanted to avoid the potentials of misery in our game time. I wouldn’t mind a nice polite PvP option where we could have agreed upon rules or times for battle.

I read of one instance where a player was logged out, so they got grabbed, and put in a cage, and tranq’d out, so they had to literally make a new character to even be able to play again.

I played PVP on official for a while. Most of the stuff that happened was either a regular base attack or defense. Outside that there was a lot of passive aggressive stuff, like breaking stuff anonymously, like with grenades and c4, and a few times I got picked off my flyer by another flyer on a griffin and dropped to my death (whee!).