Speaking of CCP and Pearl Abyss

Do any of you have any good contacts for either company outside of the standard “Ticket” system? If you do, please PM me. =)

are you really still having issues?

Public post or DM their support team on Twitter.

@CCP_Help https://twitter.com/CCP_Help

Did that. I received about 7 reply emails (copy paste) to send another email with instructions on how to proceed, a process I already completed on 09/03/18. I’m not sure what else I can do.

Appeal to a member of the CSM?

Thanks for your help. CCP was able to restore my accounts back to me. They are now all secure. If you wish, you can restore me back to director or CEO of OTG PvP. There’s a war afoot for JKHO. Thank you sir. No hurry needed.

What finally pulled their heads out of their asses?

I’m not sure. Maybe the bad review I gave him for no communication on his evaluation. I know in my world, when we do training, bad reviews are reviewed at the highest level