SQ42 Roadmap coming in Dec - My Prediction

Q2 release date, out by summer. It looks polished, it’s scope is very narrow (compared to the PU), and they need to shift to a revenue-generating model. It’s time. Once SQ42 launches, F42 goes into patch-fixes and begins ramping for Chapter 2 and 3 voice work. The bulk of the engine is in place, so the other 2 chapters should come out a lot faster. A successful launch of SQ42 will put CIG on the map and change the landscape for the PU completely.

I’ve not logged into the PU in awhile, I get tired of relearning everything, having to set up my HOTAS, etc. When SQ42 launches, I’ll have to go through all of that and then just leave it set up because likely the flight model will be “finished” for the released product.

I think that is an ambitious date for release.
My guess is that it will be a bit later, maybe by Q4’19
It does look polished but we have seen polished content take over a year to reach the PU. I suspect the ‘polished’ content we see for Squadron is shiny on the outside but still lacking some things on the inside.
For instance, you mention the Flight Model. That is slated to be in PU for 3.5 which is not until Q1’19. That will mean it is tested and patched up, working as intended some time in the fall of '19. It is necessary to have that completed before pushing out any of SQ42, so I think Q4 is the earliest we will see a release.

I was pretty surprised to see 10 Most Anticipated SPACE Games of 2018 & 2019 included SQ42. No actual release date is listed on the video just TBA , Q2 does seem optimistic to me, but I’ve not been following the Roadmaps they’ve been showing and have no idea on how well they have managed to stick to them.

We’ll “know” in a month, the revised SQ42 roadmap is released. I’m optimistic.

You see a lot of those articles and videos that list SC as one of the most anticipated of 20XX. They have been including SC and SQ42 in those videos since 2014. It generates clicks :wink:

There is still no release date so anyone guestimating 2019 on a video or website is guessing as much as the rest of us.
But hey, I hope Mac is spot on and we get to play SQ42 by summer. That would be great!

Sim’s right, even saw one as far back as 2013, and I have zero facts to support my fantasy, I was just super impressed at the SQ42 footage compared to the same footage 2 years ago and am so ready for it to be playable.

I’m not sure about SQ42 being in there for click-bait, usually click-bait has something in the thumb or caption, that may or may not be in their video, to draw you in to watch which this video didn’t have. Silly me didn’t even connect the Squadron 42 video to SC until I saw the character voiced by Mark Hamil.

I can kinda see that there would be videos in 2013 about SC’s release since it was originally aimed to be released in 2014… I don’t think there was any real hope by the end of 2013 it would happen.

But ya, I too hope we get to see SQ42 playable this next year.