Star Citizen Screenshot Contest for OTG members - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Give it your best shot...screenshot that is!

Get out there and give us your best screenshot of the verse. It can be anything from a nice sunset on one of the moons to an exploding enemy ship in Arena Commander. Rules and rewards listed below.

  • Who: Any OTG member in good standing

  • Where: Star Citizen Persistent Universe or Arena Commander or Star Marine or one of your personal Hangars.

  • What: Any screenshot you think is worth posting and sharing with the org.

  • When: The contest starts today (7/9/2018) and runs through the end of July.

  • How: When in game, tap print screen (default keybind) to snag a screenshot of your current activity. Then post that screenshot in this thread by uploading it directly or sharing it through one of the online sites such as

You can submit as many entries as you like but they should all be in a single response post to this thread (just edit your post to add more shots)


3rd Place - ICC Port Olisar Holographic Model

2nd Place - Gemini LH86 Ballistic Pistol - Pathfinder Edition

1st Place - Origin 85X LTI

The judging will begin as soon as the contest entry period ends. Judges will include myself and other staff members from other chapters. Obviously judges are not permitted to participate in the contest.

Screenshots must be taken using the native Star Citizen game engine with no post processing effects or editing of the image after it is taken.

If you have any questions you can send them to me directly or post them here.

Good luck and start taking some screenshots!

Hmmm - I’ll give this a shot.

Sounds fun, I’ll give it a go

I really must plug in my throttle.

Challenge accepted!

Just about a week remaining and NO entries so far?!?

Someone could scoop up all the prizes pretty easily at this point…

They showed up! Woot!

You have no idea the amount of effort that went into this shot.

Okay, intrigued me enough to fire up SC. 30 minutes for the update, let’s see, what were those keyboard commands again? Hmm, where do I go again?! Aha, there’s my ship… hmm, how do I open the door… knock, knock, knock… Finally!!! What do you mean there’s no fuel!!! What? A ticket? For what, loitering?! ugh… Better like the damn picture!

Some great entries so far.

Looking forward to the judging, just about a week away!

Remember you can post as many pictures as you like and each counts as part of your entry in the contest. So the more shots you take and post the better your chances are to win!

Oh, cool!

Great submissions so far!
The contest ends TOMORROW!!!

Get your entries in before the end of the month (July 31) to win the prizes listed

See you all in the verse!

Contest CLOSED, judging has begun.

And the winners are....

The voting was widespread with every member who entered at least one image getting at least one vote. It was tight, with the final winners coming down to just a couple of votes more than the rest.

But here they are:

3rd place winner of the Port Olisar holographic model



Second place winner of the Gemini LH86 ballistic pistol




The two images that tied for first place prize of an Origin 85X Limited Edition LTI snub fighter was this image from Profx


And this image from.....Profx!

Congrats to all of the winners. Look for more contests like this one in the future.

Winners, please contact me by PM with your email address so that I can get your prizes sent to you.

Thanks to everyone who participated and a special thanks to the staff who assisted in judging (Hashberry, Dewald, Penfold, juulz, revzman, mosselyn, moriir) and our special sponsor Macallen.
Without their help this could not have been possible.

See you all in the verse!

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Oh geez, wow!

Thanks everyone!

Gratz ProfX. I figured for sure I was going to win since I already owned that ship with LTI.

Grats everyone. It was great to see our little org having some creativity and fun on the forums.

Congratulations all!

All prized have been delivered.

Congrats again to the winners and thanks to all of the participants, judges and sponsors.

I am looking forward to more events like this in the future so keep an eye out for news of the next one coming soon™

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