Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

For those of us playing Galaxy of Heroes here is a place to have conversations of a more permanent nature to the in game chat box. For serious raid chats we can start another topic. Feel free to drop a reply here for any questions or queries about the game.

In reference to Rancor Raids with 24 hour grace period that nobody does damage…I have tried it out and all you have to do is join the raid. You do not have to throw a single sacrificial toon at the raid any longer, just joining up makes you eligible for the prize. I would urge all those that have Raid Han at 7 stars to allow those without to vie for the top 5 slots unless the raid time is getting short and in danger of incomplete


This would also be an excellent place to place your application info to join the guild chapter for Galaxy of Heroes. Since we only allow OTG members in the Guild it makes it much easier for me to verify OTG status if you place a message here saying you have applied.

Rancor raid guild rules have changed slightly. Now you only have to give the slimy beast 12 hours notice as long as all 15 active players have logged into the raid you can have at him. I can’t change the in game blurb about 24 hours so just pass the word on if anybody asks…Thanks

can I get an invite… DarthInfandous 983-585-974

I applied but was denied… I will apply again.

Applied. Name Teisuke

No one playing anymore?

Yeah, we moved to Casual Outcasts. You are welcome to join us if you are going to play daily.

We have a good group playing Galaxy of Heroes. We can always use more active players. Come join us!