Starbase Status

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Status FED: Working towards SB T5 Engineering, and currently Colony T3 Upgrades are incoming
Status KDF: TBD

KDF Starbase Status as of 2018-7-8

We are at tier 4 in all Military, Engineering and Science. About 120K to tier 5 in all three catagories. Dilthium Mine and Spire are maxed at Tier Three. Embassy will be done as soon as the final upgrade project is finished being filled in. The research lab holding is about halfway to tier 3. And the K-13 Hoilding is just about to reach Tier 2.


So the STO forums have b een ported over to the new side, now?


You are now in the Kelvin, er Discourse, universe.


230K/250K on Starbase Engineering V! knightemplar has almost more contributions than everyone else combined lol.

20K to go!!

yeah, he gets on before work and does a few things just about every day. Just too bad it is in the early mornings and can’t hang out more.

I slipped a bit behind on the Fed SB projects, sorry. They are back up. Almost there!

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I’m going to pop on and check the KDF side now. But just an FYI I might not be able to pop on as often for the near future. My Mom is very sick and I am staying close to her to help her out.


Sorry to hear that :frowning:

Sorry to hear that Mith I hope by now your mom has recovered and is doing well. As far as the SB for the KDF goes at this point it is at what it normally is where all projects are filled except for the almighty dil. Thus, it will probably remain stagnant until someone is generous enough to push something forward.

Thanks for the wishes Andargor and Demiclise,

Unfortunately she will be fighting this for a while. She has had lung and liver cancer for the last 8 months and has been taking Chemo for it with fairly gppd success. But in the last month or so the cancer has spread to her brain and is affecting her neurologically. So I can’t leave her unattended for more than a few minutes. She got switched over to radiation therapy and has gotten 6 of the 10 session done. But her neurological problems has gotten worse since the treatment started. So we are not sure whether it is the therapy or the cancer which is causing it.


Dang I am so sorry Mith. Do not worry about the KDF as I said its stagnant and not going anywhere I will keep it up focus on your mom it will be here when you comeback.

That’s tough… I hope things get better

Well I freed up some time the last couple morning after getting my mom meds and breakfast done.

So I have been making progress on the KDF side. I think I have gotten one set on all holdings moved along in the last two days. Thankfully I have the 10 throwaway Gamma recruits with the second and third Fleet rewards still outstanding. So that is about 130k Fleet Dil per each of them. I just have to get them to the right donations levels to unlock them. so as time permits look for some progress again on the KDF side.

I also have been checking on the Fed side and slotted more of the ENG starbase projects to keep them full.


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Thanks! I’ve been slacking off recently…

Only 6,085 XP to go for Fed Starbase Engineering V!!! :joy:

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4,575 XP to go!

If all of the Fed SB Engineering projects currently slotted get completed, we are done!

2,560 XP to go!!!