Starter builds for warframes

I have been getting a lot of questions about warframe builds, so i decided to make a post about a general build that fits most warframes from rank 0. Now ill start by saying this is a starter build! it is not for lvl 30 warframes with or without forma. It is meant to get you to lvl 30 when you get there you should be more comfortable about the WF’s general abilities and then decide how you want to build it. I will now list the mods in the order you should put them on.
Vitality this should always be 1st you cant get xp if your dead, as well shields in the game are kind of crap atm. So even if the wf only has 10 armor its 10 more armor that your shields dont have.
Streamline streamline lets you cast more abilities by reducing the overall cost. When you lvl a wf the more you use the abilities the faster the frame will lvl.
Flow Gives you more energy more energy more ability casts=more xp
Intensify give more power str
Stretch ability rane nuf said
Continuity ability duration
the last 2 mods can be whatever you like if you can fit them, but once you reach lvl 30 wit the frame go to for a finalized build
Auras if you dont have a aura mod ask in guild chat we have a lot of veteran players that can help you out with that we tend to run the missions for them when they pop up. Aura mods are alert only (unless you have the titania’s quest)
If you do not have some of these basic mods ples join us in discord and there is a 90% chane someone will have a extra for you.

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