Starting Tips

Edit: Do the entire tutorial!!! you will get skills and knowledge you need!

the game is in alpha, there are still a ton of little bugs and things that don’t make sense yet. Everything is being redone and overhauled.

  1. Game is great, the crafting detail and complexity will fry your brain the first couple days(weeks!) just try and explore the town you start in, find all the vendors, do the quest.
  2. Quests will show up as email. watch for the flashing envelope up by your mini-map - it’s easy to miss if your not looking.
  3. If your looking to craft go out of town and start harvesting. the trees, plants, fish, ore that you can mine will show up on your mini-map as orange dots.
  4. You will need to buy a second hand tools for all gathering, each one has a specific tool. They are at the general store for 15 gold (credits)
  5. If you go melee or pistol, you can dual wield or you can use an energy shield in your off hand (game never mentions this)
  6. Think of your weapon and armor as an empty shell. It is the fittings that you add to armor and weapons that change the damage/armor. (fittings = runes in other games)
  7. In the Auction House window, you have to click Fittings near the top instead of Items to see the fittings (found that out yesterday after 10 days of playing…)
  8. Water - To get water, you will get the Scrounge water ability when your survival hits 10. Go out of town somewhere safe and start spamming it… you will need lots
  9. Your survival goes up from killing things.
  10. A lot of the processing of materials needs a heat source. Don’t use unprocessed wood, you can use the skill "Hardwood (or softwood) lumber to make planks and 10 firewood (I just vendor the planks for now). this will turn your one log into 10 heat sources. I did a face palm after I figured that out on day 6…
  11. Pay Attention to your stances. They add weakness and strengths to your attacks. (I.e. don’t kneel when your being hit by melee…)
  12. Buy a cycle from the AH when you can… soooo much easier to get around. Once you double click it you need to open up vehicles menu by pressing backslash " \ " and then click on the icon to spawn it in the world. Even if it’s destroyed, it will only despawn, you can call it back later.
  13. Pets are a big deal apparently. I’m trying for robotics… had a robot pet, but it died…still trying to make my first one now…