Steam sale worth it?

Is it worth it to purchase one of the explorer or travelers packages?

I forget the name of the pack, but if you’re getting a pack get the one with the horse included. Roping a horse to capture/tame it is a skill I have yet to master. If not for that purchase, I’d still be walking.

So one comes with a T3 horse and one comes with a T4 horse. Any major difference?

Dunno, haven’t played in quite awhile. I just remember the horse being a mutha.

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Wouldn’t you know it… as soon as I had decided to pull the trigger the sale ended! Just my stinking luck!

Oh well, maybe next time :wink:

My advice would be go to the black desert website, sign up for account and try the game for free for 7 days . I wouldn’t worry to much about the horse you’ll get a free T3 within a few days as part of the new player rewards unless they’ve changed.

I had started with the Explorer’s Package when it was on sale. The horse is a great starting horse and the horse flute I still use every day on my main. The pet and inventory expansions were also nice. I haven’t really used the other stuff that came with the package. And you can get extra character slots from loyalty tokens.