Still on track for July Beta

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I wish they could have used that time for game development, but I’m willing to wait longer if that means keeping my personal information secure. I’ve already had data hacked because companies didn’t protect it. I’m not sure if the EU is going overboard or not going far enough with the new law. I wish Congress would take this cyber stuff more seriously.

I keep missing the weekend alpa/beta 2 hourish tests. Is July still looking good?

July still seems to be on track unless they lost too much developer time because of pulling team members to work the user privacy changes. If that happens, I’m guessing it would slip a week or so.

Ok, good to know. Thank you.

CU’s Forums are back up!

Great, thank you.

MAYBE still on track…

I can’t even play this game. I’ve loaded it up a dozen times and it just slows my computer to a crawl and half the time I have to do CAD to get out of it. I have no trouble playing ANY other game out there.

Maybe means yes at my house.