Streaming Policy

As an online community we understand that social media has become a part of everyday life. From time to time, this overlaps with The Old Timers Guild community. The following policy will provide guidance on what is and is not allowed with regards to The Old Timers Guild.

For the purpose of this policy, a “social media platform” is defined as any online application including, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube and other similar platforms. The term “private” refers to any communication not readily available for public consumption. This includes, but is not limited to, forum posts in non-public areas, chat and voice communication in non-public channels, as well as in-game communication methods available only to members of an in-game guild.

The Old Timers Guild, LLC owns and operates numerous accounts on a variety of social media platforms. It is strictly forbidden to present yourself as a representative of The Old Timers Guild or to use The Old Timers Guild trademarks on any account that is not owned and operated by The Old Timers Guild, LLC. Neither of these are to be used without express written consent from the LLC.

We take the privacy of our members very seriously. To help maintain the privacy of our members, all private, non-public interactions that take place on an official OTG platform is protected. The reproduction and/or distribution of any private, non-public information to any social media platform without the prior consent of the Old Timers Guild, LLC will be considered a violation of the Terms of Service. Voice recording on any OTG platform (e.g., Discord) further requires the consent of all parties being recorded prior to recording.

Members of The Old Timers Guild are permitted to reference their own social media platform accounts, however, it is strictly forbidden to request monetary compensation or advertise products on any The Old Timers Guild platforms without the expressed written consent of The Old Timers Guild, LLC.

Email to request permission to stream under this policy.

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tl:dr (and less legalese):

  • You can stream, because pixels are public. You must obscure guild chat, discord overlays, etc. because these are private.

  • You cannot stream voice if that voice comes from official OTG sources, e.g., Discord, unless you get permission.

  • To get permission, you have to petition the LLC in writing. Once you have permission, you need to get permission of everyone in the channel in order to include that voice in my stream. This situation can probably be best handled by posting your intention to stream beforehand which would allow for members to opt out.

  • You can ask for donations in your stream , but you cannot use OTG sources (forums, discord, etc) to ask for money.

  • You can advertise your stream, but you cannot spam constant updates about your stream.

  • You can in no way make it look like you represent OTG itself (unless you’re doing an official OTG stream. For example, for a recruiting video sanctioned by the LLC and the PR team).