Stress test tonight (Friday 9/28) through Sunday this weekend!

If you got in on last night’s brief test, you will still need to clear out all APOC files and download the new build tonight. The launcher is still reuseable, the game files are not.

Remember, pick up armor, select it and shoot with it to equip it. (BR style) Mana is for reloads, if you run out of ammo, R to reload. Aw heck here’s the whole Stress Test guide:

Is this a public test? is this for Alpha Test Phase 1 only people?
I have not received any notification of a stress test, so not sure what this is about.

Alpha phase 1 Stress Test. You would have received an email with your credentials if you’re in this one.

Its working MUCH better then last weekend. Spent like 4 hours last weekend for 1 match, this weekend gotten in 2 in less then 5 minutes

I have yet to win a match but I did place 2nd in one! :wink:

It was so close it was nuts, storm was down to about a 40 foot diameter circle and the other guy’s spear beat my xbow.