Sub vs Free

Hi just started playing again. Made a new char and was wondering, is there a big difference between playing free or paying. I always really liked the story line and would like to know if the Sub would be smarter to go with ?

Make sure you plug this code in for the free expansion packs until 11/1


You can only have a couple of characters open while being a free sub. Once you get to higher levels. you might want to seriously consider subbing. This will unlock operations and the ability to equip good armor.

I do suggest buying a cheap set of augmented armor off of the GTN and putting in armor, mods and enhancements to it. If you want to craft your own equipment, subbing will allow you to take a crafting profession and a gathering profession at the same time.

If you would like access to the guild on Starforge, send me, Taffaj, and Truthseeker a pm here on the forums and we will start the paperworks to get you into the imperial and republic guilds.

Basically the F2P in SW:TOR is technically Free, but isn’t in any way Play.

You get horrendously gimped, and nagged to death to sign up for a sub.

If you don’t mind being unable to use the higher tier gear, only one companion, and tons more, then you can play ‘just the story’ very well in Free mode.

Literally anything else you’re going to either have to sub, or buy things on the marketplace.

The longstanding joke with my friends is “You moved your mouse, please buy our extra mouse pack to be able to move your mouse more!”

PS. Just buy a 1 month sub, that should be plenty of time to see if you want to stick with the game or not.

OK, Thanks for the info and I’ll send the Pm’s out also.