Subs in WoWS

Curious if others have played with the Halloween submarines, and what their thoughts are?

Seems interesting, but I feel like this might lead to an issue similar to CV’s where good/great players can change the battlefield completely.

I’ve played the Halloween subs and found it enjoyable and different play style, I can also see how difficult it would be to balance these boats in game against surface ships, much less against each other, with the US boats being better than the Germans, British and Japanese boats, the us boats had 10 tubes, 6 forward 4 aft, the Germans had 4 forward 1 aft and it was not re loadable under water, the US, German and British torpedoes were very unreliable at the outbreak of the war but somewhat got better toward the end with the Germans probably having the best torpedo in the end, the Japanese torpedoes had a longer range and heavier warhead, they didn’t do much to improve the torpedo during the war and it was used on both surface ships and subs plus it was designed to sink warships verses the Allied counterpart which was designed to sink merchant ships , so with that said with these boats in the hands of even a mediocre player they would wreak havoc on the surface ships, in the hands of a good player they would control the battle.