Suggestions for beginning GW2 Players

Hi there!
My husband and I, and another couple, are OTG members currently looking for another game to play before Pantheon comes out. We’re thinking about giving GW2 a try in the fall. Summer is going to be busy with vacations and family visits. We’re experienced gamers having played AA, Warhammer, LOTRO, Rift, EQ, etc. We work and have families, so we are only on for a 2-3 hours in the evenings and a little more on weekends when we can game.

I’d like some suggestions about which characters/classes might work well together for a us. We’re social and we like to do guild events, but we’re mostly PVE and lifeskills oriented. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks very much!

I’m fairly new to GW2 so I can’t say anything towards classes, although I do have a GW2 static group and we have several classes. As for doing stuff with the guild there are several guild events each week and all are welcome. Hope to see you all in game.

Really, any class combo works. The game is not trinity oriented. All classes have some amount of healing, all classes can dps, everyone can rez, etc. Some are more support-y than others, but it’s more about your build and gear than class, and neither matters much while leveling.

Elementalist is perhaps one of the more difficult to get started with in that they’re pretty squishy and trickier to play to best advantage at cap, but I wouldn’t let that discourage you if you want to try one. Playing a group, you won’t notice the glassiness so much.

The game is super friendly to casual play and built around cooperative play. Open tapping, shareable resource nodes, automatic level downscaling, etc.

“Any combo works” Moss speaks the truth so choose what looks the most interesting to you.

The profession pages will give you a glimpse in each

Feel free to message questions in game or guild chat. If you need some bags, food buffs or anything else let me know.

  1. If you don’t like how your class feels, try a different weapon. Everything’s going to feel clunky until you have most of the skills unlocked.
  2. Dont worry about missing out on things, and don’t worry about screwing up your character. There’ll be a lot of slang and ‘expert’ advice bouncing around that you can safely ignore.
  3. There’s very little in the game you need to be an expert to do, so dive in to whatever interests you.

Also, guild chat can be pretty quiet. There’s a few folks who can/will reliably answer questions, but if they’re not on, it’s not personal if nobody responds.

Which server does OTG use for GW2? I’m assuming there is a specific one I should log into. Thanks.

In the interests of “teach a body to fish”, you can find the answer here: