Hey all,
I’m reading way to much LitRPG and swing like a pendulum between sci fi and fantasy/medieval. I setup a game room recently in anticipation of doing Pantheon alpha (some day heh). But I’m thinking I need a space game as well.

I looked at the couple starter packages but read here that both ships were heavily disliked by some. So looking for suggestions for getting my toes in. I see a code out there for what sounds like a low 5k bonus if used. So thought I’d ask if there is a guild code and/or referral code I could use so at least two of us get a minor perk?
Other tips welcome as well, hard to ask what about since I haven’t started yet.


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The 5k bonus is what we got. As for the starters, I rec the base package. Usually there are folks around that will lend out their ships for testing.

Also with Citcon happening this week they will likely be having a free-fly week/weekend thing too. That way you can hold off on buying anything, try things out during the free-fly and then determine if you want to jump-in.

Good advice from ProfX

I would say if you DO decide you want in, get the Mustang starter and if you want to upgrade you can bump to the Avenger Titan for a small fee. From there, you will be sucked in and spending your retirement money on an Idris in no time :slight_smile:

Everyone has opinions (I’m not overly fond of Drake) but in the end all of the ships are solid and have a purpose. Go in small, get a feel for the game, and then only expand your fleet if you can easily afford it…do as I say, not as I’ve done :stuck_out_tongue:



The Cutlass is the best ship in the game !!!@@@!!@@!1111!!

The Cat is the best hauler with the mostest cargoes!!!1111!!!

You don’t know wtf you are talking about so go back to your Aegis panzy ships!

Sorry, getting in mode for what I expect to see after the CitizenCon keynote this week.

Carry on.

I’m actually an Anvil man myself, but to each their own :slight_smile: I’m just not keen on flying something that I had to buy 2 of just so I had enough spare parts to keep one in the air :slight_smile:

Hey, the Millenium Falcon was the same way, almost always “falling out of the air” and look how famous it was… lol

To quote Ser Davos Seaworth…

Anyone got a referral code then? Would rather use a guildie’s than an internet stranger’s!

NM found the guild generator!

Here is the link to our code randomizer!

OTG Referral Code Randomizer (Responses)

Ok that could have gone better. I couldn’t get in the Mustang. Could “F” the seat (which is an appropriate letter at this point) from left or right of cockpit from outside but then there was no obvious indication of what to do next to get in. Tried (repeatedly) to jump up to the cargo ramp. Nothing else on the craft seemed to do anything. Even climbed all over the top of it and squeezed underneath to no avail.

“Look at that noob on Pad 7! Just what is he trying to do to that Mustang?! Should we call security, or a shrink?!”

Yup, that was me heh.

Had a second ship apparently but couldn’t seem to return the Mustang to try the second. Of course now I recall reading something about a Mustang bug, wonder if that was it?

I have been reading every LitRPg I can get and had to get Kindle unlimited just to keep up.

First of all, welcome. :slight_smile:

We’re you in the PU or in your hangar? Often, I use Arena Commander to ‘inspect’ my ships (in the case of my larger ships, roam and explore them}, to set up my joystick/HOTAS, and to just fly around for a bit. Select Arena Commander, Single Player, Vanuul Swarm, Free Flight, select your ship (or any other listed ship if you want to check them out), and then off you go. I was using the hangar, but the hanger has been bugged for the last few builds (ships do not spawn correctly). One workaround to this issue was to use your mobi-glas (F1), then select the second icon from the left (ship loadout I believe), wait for your ship to appear, then hit F1 again to exit. At some point during this process, your ship should have ‘settled’ into its proper position on the deck and become accessible. Hopefully this info helped. Let us know how you make out.