Sunday coffee runs

Sunday coffee runs are ran by smithfire and partner in crime red.
i usually start line up at 9:30 est time start at 10:00 am.
any level is welcomed. we do world bosses and dolemons and the public dungeon last. i try to do two zone maps .
come jion the fun we are good group of gamers just having fun.


We really have fun in those coffee runs. It is also a laid back group of people. If you tend to get lost like some of us do…there are several in the group that come back to get you. (I should know). Come and join in the fun.

Holy crap that’s early for PST… good luck with that :wink: My eyes are rarely open before 8am on a Sunday.

Thanks for the heads up and invite! I slept through the last two weekends, but I’ll try to jump in. I have plenty of alts that could use the company. :sunglasses:

I did some of these last year, and they’re confusing as hell if you’ve never been to the areas they visit, but a lot of fun!

My best advice for any ESO guild outing is absolutely, positively, beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt, have a minimap add-on. Most use Votan’s (I use Fyrakin’s as it intuitively allows you to zoom in and out, I find it responds better, and the default settings are also much better in Fyrakin’s). If you use Votan’s make certain you have its settings set to not minimize during combat (an example of a stupid default setting). If you have either minimap add-on it is pretty easy to follow the leader, or even just the majority of the group (seen as a crown or chevrons on the map, respectively). There are even a couple annoying folks often in attendance who spam the speed buff (Rapids) almost incessantly so you can even keep up on low riding skilled mounts.

I can attest to the fact Smith is pretty laid back on his coffee runs and he will happily wait on folks having PC issues, or just new to the game and trying to figure out where they are going.