Sunday sept 16 Mesa farm

hey guys going to host a mesa farm on sunday sept 16. its a first come first serve basis. i have 14 keys made so no one else coming needs to have them. the first 3 people who dont have mesa that sign up get first crack at it . I will be starting the invites at 11am eastern. so if you dont have mesa and would like to get her the first 3 to sign up and show up will get her. (lewtecifier be praised!) if the 1st group gets mesa in a reasonable amount of keys i will run a 2nd group after, as well if you have mesa already and have extra keys or mutalist nav coordinates you can donate them to me for the runs or build them and be there on standby.

Count me in, please. Question; did you mean Wednesday the 13th, or Sunday the 16th?

sunday the 16th sry fixed that.

if there are people who want to get mesa and the time is bad let me know what time will be better and ill see what i can do.