SWTOR Chain of Command

The OTG Chain of Command is the same in any chapter you join and it is expected that you follow it in any chapter you are in.

  1. Members and Member Recruits- are expected to take issues, questions, etc. to Chapter Officers.
  2. Chapter Officers- determine if issues, questions, etc. need to be passed onto Chapter Leaders.
  3. Chapter Leaders- determine if issues, questions, etc. need to be taken to Administrators.
  4. Administrators- will generally refer issues, questions, etc. that ARE NOT from Chapter Leaders back to Chapter Leaders. The Chapter Leader will then ask you why you bypassed the Chain of Command and generally not be too happy that they got a PM from an Administrator.

Hossman: Admin
Knightemplar: Chapter Leader
Taffaj: Executive Officer
Scannall - Crafting Officer
Truthseeker - Recruiting Officer
Elvis - General Officer
Maverick_X - General Officer