SWTOR Patch 5.10 Notes From Developer Livestream (Ossus is the planet) Updated 10/16 with more articles

•Roadmap Recap
•Jedi Under Siege
•Story Update
•Launch timeline

Livestream Cantina Reward
•New in-game flair
•Available everyone – SWCANTINA2018
•Expires at end of 2018
•Redeem at: swtor.com/redeem-code

5.10 Jedi Under Siege
•Coming in December (no specific date)
•Nightmare Mode/Master Mode Gods from the Machine
•Masterwork Armor
•Guild Improvements
◦System Improvements
◦Guild Management
•New Planet and Daily Area – Ossus is the new planet
•New storyline based on the rivalry between Sith and Jedi
•Companion Returns: Doc, Nadia, Jaesa, Khem Val (possible romance? not sure if joke or not)

Gods from the Machine Master Mode
•Veteran Mode Changes
◦Veteran Mode difficulty will be reduced from “hardmare”. It will be pulled more in line with other Veteran operations.
◦PTS patch notes will have a detailed list of the changes
•Master Mode
◦We weren’t going to do master mode but Keith wanted the master mode
◦Future group content not affected by implementation of master mode, they are not as far away as you think.
◦You won’t be able to predict all the mechanics on master mode and need to react on the fly.
◦Master mode is balanced for 248 augments+. Tyth will be slightly easier than the other bosses. Rest of the bosses will need to have 252 gear.
◦Master mode will be first thing on PTS, likely tomorrow or early next week. Each starter planet will have a terminal to get you to Odessen where there will be a Level Booster, entrance to Gods from the Machine and Numerous vendors for gear/augments.

Masterwork Armor (Tier 5)

•iLevel 252 Artifact Gear with set bonus
•iLevel 258 Legendary Gear with set bonus
•Same stat breakdown as previous tiers
•Crafters – Bind on Equip
◦Acquire schematic from trainer
◦Use materials from crew skills, Ossus, PvP, Conquests and Gods from the Machine Bosses
◦Fastest way to get the gear this way but you will need to do be able to do Master Mode Gods from the Machine (only drops from Master Mode)
•Gameplay – Bind on Pickup
◦Gear can be purchased from Reputation vendor with Masterwork Shards
◦Masterwork Shards can be earned from a new “special” weekly mission( (i.e. weekly dailies, weekly flashpoint etc), Ossus Weekly, Unassembled Components (limited time per character per week and gets more expensive the more you do it), and Command Crates
◦252 gear can be acquired rarely from Command Crates at Rank 300 and from the Ossus World Boss Weekly.

Guild Improvements

•Guild Progression
◦Guild now gain levels
◦Guild XP earned based on Conquests
•Guild Perks
◦Temporary Perks that are slotted via Guild Ship, perk likely changes each week
:black_medium_small_square:Higher XP gain, more harvesting etc, more crafting conquest objectives were some of the example perks given
◦They are purchased via a new Guild Currency and credits
◦Guild Currency earned from Guild levels and Conquests
•Conquest Improvements
◦More consistent Objectives across all conquests
◦Less emphasis on Daily Repeatable Objectives
•Guild Landing Page
◦New Interface to show info on your guild at a glance
•Guild Management
◦Guild Inspect (you can right click on a player and inspect their guild, guilds can put a message that show up when a player get inspected)
◦Logging – should be able to log Guild member conquest contribution ideally
◦Guild Mail
◦Ban by Legacy (ignore by legacy not in yet, won’t affect other players with the same legacy name)
◦More Guild Ranks with more options on what rank each access to
•PvP Challenges (Arena, WZ, GSF)
◦Minimum of 2v2, maximum dictated by game type
◦Groups and Guilds can challenge each other, can right click them, select challenge, and then open up a trade window like window to see group composition and select maps
◦No rewards at all but there is a stat tracking options for guilds on the guild landing page that track their win/losses.
•Guild changes will be on PTS (won’t be on the first iteration of PTS but will come in later)
•Guild Heraldry did not make it to Patch 5.10 but it is still happening
•Guild character cap not changed


•Ancient center of Jedi activity, devastated by the Sith via chain of supernovas, wiped out pretty much all life and destroyed most of the structures.
•Two separate storylines for Sith and Republic, becomes a daily area after storyline completion
•10+ daily missions for each faction
•New Reputation track
•New datacrons to discover (3 datacrons)
•Two world bosses
•Seeker Droid and Macrobinoculars (Seeker Droids will be improved)
•Tons of Stronghold Decorations to unlock

Ossus Storyline
•New storyline based on the rivalry between Sith and Jedi
•Becareful to not get the story spoiled by datamining
•You can autocomplete previous story to access Ossus as long you are Level 70
•There will be alliance alerts
•Saboteur and Loyalist – If you sided with the opposite faction during the previous storyline, you will have the opportunity to become a double agent/saboteur and work for the enemy or just stay loyal to your previous faction.

Returning Companions

•Doc – Serving as a doctor for the Jedi colony
•Khem Val – Only available if you sided with Khem Val during the Sith storyline
•Nadia – Part of the Jedi colony
•Jaesa – Both LS and DS. LS will be on Ossus, DS you will encounter in a separate mission not on Ossus. The version you will encounter depends on which one you had before.
•These companions are class specific.
•Same gender romance available for Jaesa and Nadia. LS Jaesa romance option will be added for the first time as well.

Ossus Storyline (Contain general spoilers)
•Planet is very remote and very unpleasant place. A group of Jedi that survived Zakuul have traveled here and built a base.They started a farm etc to make the planet more hospitable.
•Sith is not very happy about this Jedi development. The first shot of the war between Sith and Jedi will be ignited here.
•Empire characters will be recruited to take out the Jedi, Republic will be asked to help.

New & Returning Ossus Characters (Spoilers)

None will the characters will be companions currently but might be possible companions later on if players wants it.

Republic (Right to Left)
•Tau Idair– Head of Security for the Jedi Colony, she has a tattoo on her head that is the ancient symbol of the light side
•General Daeruun – Republic General, new alien species (Krex)
•Master Gnost-Dural

Empire (Left to right)
•Darth Malora – Minor character from back in Korriban as a side mission. Risen from a minor character to a major position on the Dark Council.
•Major Anri – Empire Special Ops Commander, a Twi’lek
•Unrevealed sixth character

What is Coming to PTS
•Available Soon – Master mode Gods from the Machine
•Available in the coming weeks
◦Ossus Daily Area
◦PvP Challenge Mode
◦Guild Improvements
•Never on PTS: Ossus Storyline

Coming to Cartel Market Later This Month
•Dread Seed Weapon Tuning
•Merciless Seeker Armor Set – Will also drop off the Eyeless boss (rare chance). Rakghoul event will run the week of Halloween.

Ossus Planet and Daily area images from PTS

Masterwork Armor Crafting and Acquisition in 5.10

Ossus Decorations from Rep vendors and world drops