TABLETOPIA board-game players wanted!

I’d love to play some of the games on Tabletopia. Some I know in real life, and want to play more of. Some are new and I want to try for free because they look fun. But they don’t have AI-- they require players.

Its free and they even have mobile apps running in addition to steam.

I’d be more than willing to teach the games I know! And I know many of them from my real-life collection.

Idaho Geekette

I’m actually trying to wrestle my way through a setup of Gloomhaven on Tabletop Simulator.

I have that game as hard copy, but it needs so much space. lol

that is a huge game! Not played it yet.

I did get Big Trouble in Little China, its too big and involved for club nights, but I enjoy it when I can finagle friends over to play it.

I love my husband a great deal, but he isn’t a board gamer, sadly. I don’t have the heart to yank him off of movies or video games during his relaxing time.

Big Trouble got delivered to me a while back as well :slight_smile: I haven’t even fully unboxed it yet!