Techno idiot needs some advice

So I have Votan’s mini map folder on my desktop but I’ll be hornswalged if I can figure out how to load it into the game! Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I have the game loaded via my Steam account, just fyi. Thanks in advance!
Always lost

So, the easiest way is to download Minion, it does all the work for you!

But, since you already have the folder downloaded, you would need to extract it if you haven’t yet. Then, in another window, open your ESO folder, it’s usually at C:\Users< username >\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\ (I’m assuming you didn’t change that when you installed, but I don’t use Steam so I don’t know if they have their own folders). Anyway, once you find the folder, there should be a folder inside called AddOns. Open that folder, then drop the whole folder you extracted into it. Don’t put the individual files, you want the whole folder!

Then you log in, go ahead and log in. At the character select, there should now be an Addons option. Click on that, and it should show the Voltan’s mini map addon. Make sure the check box for “Load Outdated AddOns” is checked, and everything should work.

Great! Thanks so much!

I would use Minion. I tried using the individual add-ons and manually loaded them, but some just didn’t work, or work well, doing it that way, and some did…very puzzling, but installing via Minion worked fine.

My only complaint about Minion is that it appears to have tripped my Windows Defender as a Trojan.

Well this may answer one of my problems. i just got minion to open and the Vortan mini map isn’t listed there , not sure how to get minion to recognize it.

If nothing else, you can delete the add-on, then reinstall it through Minion.

My apologies if that sounded like Mr. Obvious…

This is what I would do. It’s Votan, make sure you spell it right (which I did not do in my original reply lol)