[Television] Feist's Riftwar Optioned

Since the first sources were not so good…Did a little more digging.
Seems it’s true. Amazon’s new studios and Alcon partners are also in discussions with BCDF
to assist in production, distribution or all the above of the unnamed Riftwar Saga book series television show. So a lot of talking from some really good studios about a really fantastic book series. I hope the puzzle pieces fit for this one. 2022 being the current target release date desired by BCDF.


I liked that series a lot. I hope they allocate enough budget so there is no rush at the end.

I think I read these books in the 80’s… is that possible? Hmm, can zombiehood be far off?


I enjoyed the series, I hope they do justice to it.

The plan is to do the Whole enchilada. The Riftwar Cycle.
The starting point for viewership and ratings check is the Saga.

So Pug as kitchen help to Milamber as worldbender.
Jimmy the Hand’s tale, pickpocket to kingmaker.
Erik and Roo as kids to Military Giant and Merchant Prince.

I think the series will sell. It’s not the high fantasy of JRR nor the
grit and depression of GRR. It’s got fallible people that make mistakes,
yet tells a good tale and the story-lines are very engaging. The translation
to the small screen would be near seamless in my estimation.

I just hope in 4 years there is an audience for it.

Oh, I remember reading some of those…just never got around to the entire series…it will be nice to be able to see it on screen.

I remember reading some of the first books, but I couldn’t keep with it. What I remember more was playing Betrayal at Krondor for way too long.

Well that is good news Poetry. If they film the whole thing start to finish, it is likely to be much better. I have seen too many of these start out, then sort of peter out as quality and funding dries up. Been so long since I read those books, it will likely seem new to me when it comes out