Temp Suggestion Box

hope I have everyone.

Greetings Folks. I’ve been posting stuff about this years E3 and It occurs to me that we could use a forum section for things like E3, Tokyo Game Show, Blizzcon, Eve Fanfest and other game oriented events around the world. We could have a pics subfolder for guildies that attended to post their pics for each event. PVP tournaments subsections. you get the idea. It would be awesome!

Or just a tag called conventions, or something like it and then it doesn’t matter where you post. Search will find it.

Tags could work. Would be less work for the admins as well but we’d need a separate tag for each event. Having a “Conventions” tag might be ok for the first year but two or three years down the road, we will need the additional tags and It will be annoying if not impossible to go back and retag everything everyone has ever posted about these events after the fact.


Agreed. So let’s hash it out. Not sure what the best asnwer is, honestly. The flip side is, a few years down the line, the old stuff isn’t necessary in a forum either. So…

Do the admins as a matter of course start adding a year tag? 2018, 2019, etc., so that we just add that to the other descriptors? Brainstorming here.

If you’re ok with an imperfect solution, we could stick with just “Conventions” as a tag, but users could view Latest to see recent activity. Assuming the specific convention was in the Subject line it would work fairly well.

Likely better than tons of tags, really.

Perhaps we’re overthinking this.

If I wanted to search for info about, say, E3 2018, I’d just search for “E3”, regardless of tags, and sort by “Latest Post”. No need, really, to fall back on a more nuanced search.

Tagging and more advanced searching becomes more interesting, IMO, when you’re making a scattershot search, like “all conventions this year”. You could search for all topics posted after X date with the proposed “convention” tag.

Whether or not it occurs to people to make use of things like sort ordering or the advanced search options is another matter, but I don’t see a steaming pile of tags working any better.


Yup, that’s why I’d rather it be in its own section like the Game Development Section , maby with a chapter leader too.

Or make it a subsection of a larger “Game News” section.

@mosselyn “Steaming pile of tags” made me laugh. :slight_smile:

I’m with Mosslyn on this one. The tags are helpful for searches, but text in both the title and body of the text also shows in a search. I suggest you post this in Game Dev. It’s a logical place for folks to find it. I know not all conferences are about up and coming games. You don’t need to post in a sub section. The umbrella of “Game Dev” with no subsection is the equivalent of “general”. I would also try the ‘event’ tag.

Once a tag is used it can not be removed unless someone goes in and removes every instance of it being used. We can’t have the tag list becoming 12 pages long, and that is one of the primary considerations when the admin decide if they will add a tag or not. It’s why we will and need to hear ‘no’ a lot when asking for tags.

Keep in mind there are still many more sections to migrate, and that includes any general sections we had in VB5 such as VR, humor, etc, as well as general games, which brings a few more areas folks might like to post something like this.

I would love to see stuff from folks that are going to these conventions tho! We never know how these forums will flesh out if the members show they’re really interested in certain things and are actively posting about them.

As far as requesting actual tags, talk to the orange in charge of the section. There is an area we have to request these things in order to follow procedure. If it relates to something not under oranges, I think posting is great (and it gets you some feedback!), or message @thisnthat . :coffee: