Thank's for the Welcome!

Hello and thank’s for the WELCOME.

Here is a list of my ‘under-achieving’ characters.

I think that I would probably join “Tresogar - hunter” into the kin first. He seems to be the most punishing and able to finish quests on his own related to my other characters. He is also the easiest to play for my old thoughts/fingers.

If I hadn’t introduced myself.

I joined OTG a few years back (I think around 2009-10) when I was into “EVE.” This is before I retired. I am now so and have been playing (if that is what you call crafting ( :grin: ) ) so that I have lifted my characters up pretty far in levels (50-70) just by sitting back after work, drinking some beer, getting a sore butt and crafting.

I started playing full time again last August. My VIP account will renew in 2 days.

As a player I can say - “I am HORRIBLE!” I have MANY mp quests unfulfilled because I can’t get out alive! So BAD!! Though recently I have found that I can take my lvl 60 characters and finish some of my lvl 20-30 mp quests!

When I first started playing LOTRO (with Sambald - Warden) I did ‘skirmishes’ and got him to lvl 43 pretty quickly. I haven’t done any for a long while. I have a small supply >6000 SP’s that I have been using to buy crafting material for “Imroher” (my scholar) who is STRUGGLING to get to where I can make ‘black dye’ - whatever that lvl is. I have about 25K more points to go in the ‘scholars guild’ to achieve this.

PERSONALLY I am a 65 yo male, married with 3 grown daughters, retired CCU RN, love to play MMO’s (though I am no longer a subscriber to EVE), reasonably tech savvy with a ‘decent computer’ and drink way to much ETOH. I am not very chatty but do understand (thank you EVE) the need for voice comms so I will figure out “Discourse.” On that note “Discourse”; a friend of mine and I play WTG and we didn’t like it so stayed with my Vent server as it seems to use less resources (his computer isn’t up to snuff), and has better voice quality.

So, here are my characters.

FlakJak lvl 42, Guardian, forester, prospecter, tailor
Imrohir, lvl 64, Champion, Weapons, Master Artisan Farmer, Master Scholar
Pallandir, lvl 55, Rune-keeper, Woodworker, Forrester, Farmer
Pintio, lvl 70, Minstrel, Master Jeweler, Prospector, Master Artisan Cook
Sambald, lvl 54, Warden, Metalsmith, Tailor, Master Prospector
Tresogar, lvl 58, Hunter, Forrester, Tailor, Prospector – I’m loving this guys ranged weapons! And he’s easy to play…
Jaimi, lvl 65, Champion, Woodworker, Forrester, Master Farmer
Waltere,lvl 23 , Captain, forester, prospecter, tailor

I will probably join Tresogar (hunter) first as he is the easiest to play.

Look forward to questing with ya’ll.


OBTW. I live in Maine so I go to bed around 1900 EST.

Welcome to the chapter Soreye. You are welcome to guild as many of your characters as you wish, just ask an officer when you are in-game.

LOTRO is so “old” it requires character by character guilding and that you be on-line.

Welcome to the kin, Soreye. If you ever want a hand with something when I’m online, feel free to reach out. I’m most often on Mosselyn, Lysariel, or Tasmin.

(And just to be extra confusing, “Discourse” is the software that runs this website. “Discord” is the voice chat software you’re thinking of. I foresee many years of confusion over this for all of us.)

Thanks Mosselyn,

I added your name to ‘friends’ list and will add your other 2 also.

At this moment I am trying to log in to OTG discord but a web page has come up and is asking me to “claim this account.” I have the discord “app” running and I am logged in so maybe I will log out of that and see if I can then “claim” the account… So weird and ventrilo is so much easier.



Not sure if this will help you or not, but if you’re still struggling to get past this, see if this sounds applicable. (I’m a discord noob, so not of much use in debugging issues. Yet!)

(Hmm, reddit or discourse is being weird about this link, sooo… here’s the gist:

… You can manually clear out your token which /should/ fix this for you.
Hit ctrl + shift + i, click “application” on the tabs on the top, then expand “local storage” on the left hand side, then click “”. You should see something that says “token” on the table that appears. Click on that, hit backspace, then hit Ctrl + R.


Thanks, made it in but will save to txt doc about clearing the tokens. Seems like it might be a handy thing.

Again, thanks,