The Expanse [Television, Streaming]

Thought there was an Expanse thread here.
Guess I’m getting old and forgetful. :older_man:

Anyhoo, for those who cut the cord:
Season 3 will be on Amazon Prime mid-November.

Season 4 is filming and is looking to be a Prime exclusive.
Should be interesting the number of pay to view items in the next
few years. With Disney, CBS, and Universal pulling from Netflix.

Nice. My hubby will be happy to watch a new season. :sunglasses:
We cut the cord a few years ago now.

This is such a great show and I’m glad it was picked up. Too good not to know what happens to the belters!

There was a video interview somewhere that mentioned they started filming again in September. My tinfoil hat suspects book 8 was pushed back to March, 2019 to tie together with Amazon marketing - and hopefully a 2nd quarter 2019 release for season 4.

So Newsweek stated Amazon said it’s not coming in November.

I’m going to annoy a CSR and see what’s up since it’s still on the prime page.

They’ll probably tell you the generic line, “It’s just a placeholder.” :roll_eyes:

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Well i pointed out the sales page is still up which constitutes
fraud to anyone that renews or signs up for prime since the 15th.

They went quiet and had me hold for a few minutes then gave me a 10$ credit.
I’ll get some really good Oolong tea with it and chill with SG-1 and a few
of the decent anime on prime they just released the past two months too.

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