The Withered Heath is like the early days of the Mines of Moria!

I got bored writing up Quests for the WIKI and decided to visit the Withered Heath. . . just like the old days of Mines of Moria – a new enemy every 5 meters . . . except that the enemies are Dragons :smiley:
Interestingly doing the Resoure Instance, there are Dwarf Road Markers visible, but I have not found them yet in the Landscape version - may just be too busy fighting off Fierce Cold-drakes!
Both start at the same place (when “The Withered Heath” appears on the screen).

I have not made it there yet.
Sounds… hard lol

The resource instance version is awful. There is a blizzard and the visibility is poor and then you gotta deal with a lot of mobs. The landscape is ok but you need to be careful. The mobs aren’t so numerous compared to the aggro range and the amount of wandering they do.

You can dodge between most of the mobs in the resource instance if you stay on your toes. IDK what it is like on a melee class, but I’ve not had much difficulty with either the open landscape or the resource instance on my ranged characters.

I think inconsistencies in the game since U23 came out contribute to some very different perceptions of this area. Dalkin, for example, went through on his guard during those couple days when sig mob tac damage was badly OP, so it’s fixed in his mind as super hard, even though they’ve since fixed it. Now, since the last patch, DOTs are ticking too hard, so again some of the mobs seem OP. My first run through was when sigs were hitting like wet noodles. Etc.

Hopefully, they’ll get the damage scaling straightened out Real Soon Now.