Thursday Scales of War 8-11 PM eastern (alternating with MadHermit)

cool, we’ll be here. hope you get it sorted out sooner rather than later

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This week I may be late or a no show. We’re taking my oldest out for bowling as a slightly early going away party. Next Friday we’re driving him to Tennessee and dropping him at UTK for college.


Got the job lined up, start 1 week after lay off. Just 2-10:30 PM EST , 10 on 4 off. Hoping I can maneuver into a day shift position ASAP, makes gaming easier!

Game night! Hope every is well and can show up tonight.

Mumble is still working. Discord doesn’t have VTT channels made yet. We can either continue to use Mumble or we can find an empty generic room in Discord. I don’t care one way or the other really. There are some rooms at the top in discord that are generic public rooms.

I’m hanging out in Mumble for now until we decide where we want to be.

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Good news Mak, we are now lvl 15 now.

Bad news Mak, some asshole used all your spells.

Good news Mak, Quinn totally kicked ass and almost soloed the big boss which was an undead dragon.


Quinn was pretty well beast mode Thursday night. That cannot be denied :slight_smile:

Oh and Nick was especially happy to find enemies that weren’t completely resistant to his magic! I got to burn up some tree guys pretty good. I’m hoping that all the enemies here are made of wood!

The downside is that we are not back in town where I can try to put my new plan of “Try not to die so much.” into action yet. It’s a pretty simple plan really: Step 1: Get an Amulet of Health (Rare, makes your Con 19), Step 2: Attune it and instantly gain 60 hit points (My con is 11 so I currently get no Con bonus to HP, this would give me +4HP/level, and +4 to my Con saves which I bulked up a little by getting Resilient Constitution as a Feat last time we leveled so I add my Proficiency bonus to Con Saves). Step 3: Smile at Thurgrim. Step 4: Sell Wand of Lightning bolts.

I’m also looking for a Periapt of Health which is is Uncommon so it should be easy to find AND relatively cheap for us now. No attunement and Immune to Disease.

Then if I can just find a Staff of the Magi laying around somewhere I’d be set :slight_smile:

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Ok rapid fire post 3… sorry on my second cup of coffee this morning.

@Grapper I’ve been meaning to ask you how you would handle a Flying Carpet. It responds to verbal commands to fly, but there is nothing that says if someone rides on it they have to use hands to hold on or if they can fly around standing up or really ANYTHING else about how it’s used. I thought that might be a cool alternative for Nick’s movement hindrances. Alternatively if we get a big one Quinn can stand on the front and fly it while Nick rides bitch and shelters in the Paladin Auras of goodness.

Post #4 entitled: You guys need to wake up and talk to me! (coffee #3 on board)

Just a small thing but I need to remember to make myself a Jack of All Trades button. I’ve been forgetting to use this on ability checks that don’t already get my proficiency bonus. Like for Dispel Magic and Counterspell! Granted every time I’ve tried to dispel or counterspell something it hasn’t REALLY been a spell but it’s something to remember in case it ever comes up. A small bonus goes a LOOOONG way on these two spells.

Amulet of health sounds great. I may try and find one myself. Busy day at work for me, been sitting at my office waiting for people to arrive at their business to open for me.

Thanks for covering Quinn for me!! Nice to level 15 Ill have to look into leveling and finding some sort of magical items to get. Which shouldnt be too big of an issue since im rich…

Re: Carpet of Flying

I would say it is similar to riding a mount. There doesn’t seem to be any requirements to use hands. Does anyone know different? If not, I think you’re good.

The mounted rules are pretty short, basically it looks like the main thing is that if the mount is moved against its will then I have to make a DC 10 Dex check or fall off. Getting knocked prone takes the same DC10 Dex check to not fall off which makes more sense on a flying carpet than a horse to be prone and still on a mount :slight_smile:

Mounting and dismounting costs half your movement. If it’s laying on the floor like a rug I guess maybe half my movement to brace myself for takeoff would make sense. You could say the same for landing just to keep it consistent. Maybe it lands hard :slight_smile:

There’s not much more to it than that as long as the carpet doesn’t take up more than one space. If it’s a large mount then there is a whole lot of speculation about what space you occupy.

Game day. This may be the highest level I’ve ever played.

I hadn’t thought about it but it’s the highest I’ve ever played up from level 1 for sure.

Oh and we have a VTT channel at the bottom of General Games in Discord now!

I appear to be locked out of that channel

I’ve let Viking know. He is looking into it.

For the rest of you, if you message me I can move you to the room manually if you can’t join it.

I just finished cutting the grass. Gotta grab a shower then a beer then I’ll be on. Should be by 8.