Thursday Scales of War 8-11 PM eastern (alternating with MadHermit)

Hey all just found out we were kicked off the other web site… So I made the same name here for our Thursday night game. Hope no one minds.

Daemoro I wish I had seen your post while I was still in Ten, We were in Knoxville and will be again in August to drop him off to school. Thanks for that offer.


Okay, now I need to get used to the new forum :slight_smile:

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For reference, this is the old thread: Old Forum Thread (Read only now)

Looks like you and I are the only ones on this new site… Im not liking it myself.

I’m here as well but I haven’t set up a notice to get word when people post here yet. I need to fix that straight away… we good for tonight?

I have arrived! Nothing worthwhile to say though.

Signed up and hoping we’re playing tonight

Just waiting on Grapper now

And Im actually on time today…

finally figured this out enough to get my old avatar back.

It is again Thursday… I think ill actually be on time tonight (unless my wife has plans for me that I dont know about)

I may be a little late.


I hope Grapper feels better though. He sounded aweful.

I hope grapper is better also. Haven’t seen anything from him. It looks like I’ll be a little late myself, 15 minutes maybe.

I have an event I need to go to tomorrow night. I’m not sure how late I will be, so lets postpone the game this week. Sorry about the late notice.

OK thanks for the heads up. Enjoy your event!!

I hope it’s fun too. It won’t be as fun as listening to me grumble about not being able to roll a decent saving throw though I’m sure.

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Have fun Grapper, I’ll just have to blow mechs up all night. I just got my first 65 ton mech too.

Game night!

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Looks like my new job will have me working every other Thursday. Will make my regular gaming schedule go to crap. Was hoping to rejoin Thursdays when things settled down! I will start up an every other week campaign once I’m sure which (if any) nights will be interfered with due to OT. I hope to drop in and BS a little in September .