Tips and other stuff you discovered (Spoilers?)

  1. Red Rocket Gas Stations have your storage (stash) that is available from any other stash in the world.
  2. You can build your own stash in your B.A.S.E.
  3. Water pumps you build still give radiation.
  4. You can combine identical perk cards for higher level.
  5. You get overweight easily, being overweight drains Action Points. And it appears that also drains Hydration Faster. which is a pain.
  6. You can fast travel to Events if you click on the star on the map. There is a small caps charge.
  7. There are iron nodes that you can loot on the rocks, the Iron ore can me smelted to steel scrap.
  8. When you open your CAMP and try to build, you need a foundation, the first option they give you is concrete. There is a wood option above it that is much easier on resources.
  9. You find recipes and plans usually laying by crafting stations. To learn them you have to go to Notes in your items inventory and highlight the recipe and press space to “learn” it
    Please add yours!
  1. You can fast travel to your camp and Vault 76 for free (moving the camp costs a few caps, though)
  2. The personal stash is limited to 400lbs (fills up fast if you are a scavenger)
  3. You can save space in your inventory and stash by turning items you don’t need into scrap (can turn all junk into scrap with a single button at any workbench).
  4. If you are still out of space, you can turn materials into bulk materials at a tinkerer workbench which will let you sell the bundles to a vendor. Or you can craft items (turrets, generators, etc and store them)
  5. You can refill health for free by sleeping on beds (choose framed beds that are up off the ground to avoid diseases), and you get a well rested perk if you sleep long enough
  6. You can harvest wood from any dead fallen log or tree (helpful for building that camp foundation as mentioned in the original post)
  7. Food rots over time. Cooked food rots slower (you can sort items in your inventory by freshness)
  8. You can dilute stimpaks and rad-away at a chemistry workbench. This gives you a greater quantity but heals less (helpful at the beginning until your health pool gets bigger)
  9. There is a traveling super mutant merchant named Grahm that sells a lot of plans, but he’s hard to find (wanders around main highways)
  1. You don’t use items directly to repair other items of the same type. So keep the best pipe pistol etc and scrap the rest for parts. You repair items at the appropriate workstation for the item.

  2. Once you start building your camp use the Blueprint feature to save it so you can just whip it out without rebuilding.

  3. If you put your entire camp on foundations you can Blueprint the whole thing with one click rather than clicking on each item individually.

  4. You can use camps put down by other people (great for STASHing all your stuff on the run if someone elses camp is nearby)

5.EDIT*** Junk doesn’t take up weight in your STASH. *** I may be wrong on this one. I’m seeing a LOT of hate on the forums about limited storage and that junk takes up too much of that space. Don’t take it as gospel from me.

  1. AID items (food, drugs, stimpacks) get heavy. STASH what you don’t need. Carry just 1 or 2 Disease Cure instead of all 6 you have for example.

  2. Once you claim a power armor framework it is yours forever. Don’t worry about getting out of it and leaving it out in the world, nobody else can enter it. It will despawn and go back into your inventory after a given amount of time.

  3. There is no level limit on a power armor frame. You can use one at level 1. If you find one and it has armor pieces attached just take them off first and then you can get int he empty frame. It still gives you good armor resists and a Strength boost.

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Those glowing frogs sometimes drop uranium when you loot them.

  1. Capturing Workshops is very cool. When you clear it of mobs you can take control for 25c. Next thing you want to do is take advantage of the harvesting. In build menu there is Resources which lets you place collectors over nodes. When you select one it highlights in green where you can place it. Power it with 2 medium generators and cables and it just collects stuff for you over time. Periodically like once an hour mobs will spawn and try and take the Workshop back from you. However you can load up on Turrets and Defenses so its no big deal (workshop has its own supply of mats). It’s an event so gives nice exp, like 300. I defended 3 times and each time I was reward a 7-8: purified water, stimpacks, rad x/away etc. It was very nice. You can also fast travel to it for free. I didn’t have any players try and take it from me but I suppose that would suck. For THEM. EAT 10 turrets interloper! The one I had I was churning out Gold, Copper, Fertilizer and Iron. It was 20ish per hour. I just had to go up to the collector and remove them. I built my camp nearby so then I just ran up and stashed it.

  2. Its been mentioned before but bears reiterating. Scrap all extra weapons and armor as well as junk items before you put it in your stash. This will keep you from hitting the 400 weight limit. Components and Aid should be all in stash ideally. Every time you come across and workstation while adventuring take a moment to scrap all your loot. There is usually at least 1 of some type (even Chemistry works) at every place.

  3. When you can craft weapons based on a perk card. The new ranks allow new levels. For example I got Makeshift Warrior Rank 2. This allowed me to craft level 1, level 5 or level 10 melee weapons. Mods seem to be a reverse engineering thing to learn.

  4. On your Stat screen of Pipboy there is a sub menu for ‘Effects’. This shows all your buffs and debuffs and duration. Somethings are handy to know, especially food buffs. I think Mole Rat Chunks gave +1 Strength so I was rolling with that all the time. Also don’t forget about resting in bed and musical instrument buffs (30sec+ for buff?)! I was leaving a custom marker where instruments were so I wouldn’t forget. Maybe eat a variety of foods for different buffs rather then chowing down on the same food item 6 times?

  5. When you find a blueprint or plans, you have to go to the Notes area of Inventory and spacebar to learn them.

  6. Soot Flower Tea is pretty easy to craft. The Purple Flowers and Wood logs are everywhere. You can boil unlimited collected dirty water. It’s a good thirst quencher in a pinch.

  7. There are lookout towers around that if you go to the top of them you can 'E) Survey ’ the surrounding area which will label every place in a significant radius as explored (the one I did labeled 17 places). You still have to physically go there to be able to fast travel though. However at least no fog of war so to speak. I only found 1 such tower but I assume there are others.

  8. You can join the ‘world’ of anyone on friends list (from friends list) even if not on a team. This sounds like a great way to get everyone playing on one ‘world’! With a soft cap of 24 on a server, we could probably populate a world with a helluvalotta OTG! Though maybe log out and back in first to save progress before porting if in the middle of a gaming session? A friend joined my world and in the process crashed. When he came back on he was back at char creation! DOH! (he was only level 2 at time so not any significant time lost). BETA!


Great Tips, thanks! Did not know about the Capturing Workshops or the Towers. Very Cool.

I threw in an edit to my #5 above about scrapped junk not taking up space in your stash. I may have been wrong on that.

Yeah, it does. I already filled my stash. Converted some stuff to bulk, but it takes plastic, lots of plastic.

also food spoils but you can turn it into fertilizer…

  1. You can get a power armor frame at the beginning of the game in the Morgantown Train Yard (Youtube Video with location). Apparently, Power Armor frames increase your Strength to 10 and give you 40 or 60 DMG and Rad resist, and get rid of fall damage.

  2. Character build planner! - It’s not complete, and some things aren’t up-to-date, but they’re working on keeping it updated and it’s a great help to see what’s available!

  3. Ammunition has weight, keep that in mind when determining what to carry

  4. Item level determines base stats. A level 1 Pipe Pistol and a level 5 Pipe Pistol have different base stats, so you’ll be constantly upgrading your equipment!

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#3 !!!

forgot this one

and apparently once you enter a power armor frame it’s yours forever and will despawn to your inventory if you leave it (I haven’t tested it yet)

I was watching a YouTube video and a person left their power armor fraim behind. As they were walking away, they got a popup message that it had been added to their inventory. It ways 10 lbs.

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  • Here’s an article about the 10 things you should do first. It details power armor location, hazmat suit loc, and minigun spawns.

  • isle posted a link in another thread here with some of the latest news. I found the PVP section interesting. A good reason to stash all your junk…after scrapping it.

" How Does PvP Work?

When you shoot someone you do a little bit of damage, which can be equated to lightly slapping them in order to challenge them to a duel. In response to this, the other player can choose to ignore or engage. If they engage in a battle with you, they’ll start to take full damage. The one who is killed in this consenting PvP match has the option to seek revenge. Doing so gives that person the opportunity to get double the rewards granted they’re successful.

If you’d rather choose to ignore a PvP match, there’s no way to escape being killed–despite the small damage dealt to you during the initiation phases. However, if you are killed by a player under these circumstances, that player becomes a Wanted Murderer and will receive no rewards from having killed you.

A Wanted Murderer is marked on the map as a red star and a bounty is placed on their head. Players looking to cash in on this bounty aren’t visible on the Murderer’s map. If the murderer is killed, the money from that bounty is taken out their stock.

In order to give players time to properly acclimate to how Fallout 76 plays, PvP won’t be available to players until level five. And if you perish from any PvP encounter, the only thing you’ll lose is the junk you’ve been collecting, which can be reclaimed after death if not already picked up by other players. You can always store junk in stashes found around the world, so as to safeguard a portion of your stock. Armor and weapons are retained in your inventory after death."

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Can you scrap in the field? If so, does this mean you lose them on death vs not losing them while weapons? Does it change the carry weight if you scrap them?

You can only scrap at a workbemch. But you can build one in your camp which you can bring out anyplace other than towns etc. There are lots of workbenches out in the world too.

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Scrap and store, scrap and store.

After getting to level 10, I agree with the article linked above about traits for lockpicking and hacking. It is hugely important. Also, stimpaks will be super valuable. I go through them (and food and water) like candy.

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I had/have an issue with moving my house when I relocated my camp. I got a floating object error so I cant even place it again. A helpful forum poster theorized I blueprinted something on the exterior of my house that wasn’t on a foundation giving the error. I surmised it was my water pump! So if you need to move camps and have a house make sure you don’t blueprint anything not on a foundation like a water pump or exterior turret!

Words to live (and respawn) by. :smiley:

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You’ve already probably heard about it by now, but just in case … go to your settings and check your microphone status. It defaults to always on when you install the game! There is currently no push to talk setting but I hope by launch it’ll be added.

And check it again from time to time. I had set it to off one day, and the next day it was on again. Remember, only you can prevent other people across the internet from hearing your private and embarrassing conversations lol.

Why do they do that in so many games? Hate that the default is on.

I think I will redirect my mic to a my aux in from my alexa so it will play music into the game