Two-factor authentication

Is there support for this?

Given password breaches are not uncommon, it might be wise to look into adding this feature if it is available.


Yes. You can enable it in your user preferences. Click on your portrait then click on the gear. You should see the option about halfway down the page.

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Awesome! Thank you sir!

Nice. Offhand, do you know if that uses google’s 2fa app/code? I’m curious, as I implemented this for an old text MUD just because it amused me to do so, and also wondered if I needed Yet Another App installed. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I think it’s Wildstar and my text MUD that both use google’s 2fa app. Squeenix, WoW, and something else all have their own that does the same thing, but different.

Looks like it uses Google.

Yes, it is Google Auth… I set it up last night…

Great news! Really glad to see 2FA is supported here.

Thanks, Cef!

Cool. I’ll add that as well.

This was fun to write a couple years ago, anyone who like python and is curious might be interested in my cheesy but functional code. It was tested in a larger python text game and appeared to work without issue.

Also nice that the google authenticator app now can scan in QR codes, which saves you having to type a long key sequence AND auto-fills in the OTG name. :sun_with_face:

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This is awesome! I am not sure if anyone is familiar with Authy or not but it is my all in one. The only accounts it does not work with is Blizzard and Square-Enix because of their own apps. I use mine for Slack, GuildWars2/ArenaNet, NCSoft, and Discord, along with a lot more items that I use it for.

I use Google Authenticator. Google already lives with me, so it would be…awkward…using anything else.


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Oh, you want a code now? Ask that hussy you brought in!!

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