U23 ember gear box contents

This’ll probably change again in the future, but here are links to some of “What’s in the box?!” as of last week’s patch. These are the teal gear/jewelry boxes you can barter for with embers.

There’s posts for other items in the same thread, but they’re all the pre-update stats (ilevel 362 or something).

Thanks Moss for the post

Keeping track of these changes on the WIKI is more than slightly “challenging”!

Ugh, I bet.

I am not a big fan of this box system, as a consumer, though it makes paging through the vendor much simpler. A “preview” capability for boxes & chests would be nice, like they added to GW2 earlier this year.

In GW2, it works even on RNG boxes, breaking the potential drops into “common”, “uncommon”, “rare”, and “very rare” categories. They don’t tell you the percentages, but at least you can get a general feel for how foolish you’re being.

Added a screencap for the teal will jewelry box.