Upcoming Star Wars game from Respawn Entertainment

Some details are just coming out about the Star Wars game in development by Respawn Entertainment.

Looks to be a game based around Jedi/the Force, one can only hope it takes after The KOTOR games inspiration wise.


I’ll be following it, the gaming world is dying for a new SW game


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Woot woot!!! BF2 is so so. Can’t wait to see what EA brings

KOTOR yes, that would be great if it was in that same spirit.

But I do not want another game in that time period honestly. After SWTOR I am burned out on worlds filled with force users.

I would prefer something in the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight vein.

And not turn based :wink:

So I wonder how many loot boxes it will take to get the basic lightsaber? Or will they break it up into several pieces and you hope that the last two pieces don’t have a 0.0001% chance of dropping just so you can play the game.

If they have any loot boxes in this game, they can go stand on a corner with a sign. I won’t be giving them my money.

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I agree whole heartedly SWTOR got so old with the same thing over and over then F2P ruined it totally.

Isn’t it taking place between episodes 3 and 4 or am I thinking of something else.

That was what the article said, you play a padawan during the Vader purge of the Jedi. Personally I would rather play a Sith but as long as the game is good and they don’t abuse loot boxes with anything but cosmetics, I will be fine with it.

I hope there is an improvement in the graphics as well.