Update 22.2.2 Release Notes (June 13)

Here are the Release Notes for Update 22.2.2, released on Wednesday, June 13th.

News and Notes:



  • Terrible Wound was incorrectly being spread by Radiate. It is no longer affected by this trait.
  • Hemorrhaging Wound and Terrible Wound damage over time has been reduced.
  • Unimbued Legendary Item area of effect damage bonuses have been reduced.
  • Honourable Combat now properly heals for each Bleed removed.
  • Sweeping Cut’s base damage has been increased.
  • The skill description of Overwhelm has been fixed.
  • The trait description of Hemorrhage has been fixed.
  • War Chant now does physical damage. (see note below)


  • Damage from Set Trap, Triple Trap, Piercing Trap, and The One Trap is now inherited from your main hand weapon DPS.
  • Blindside has been corrected, and now generates three Focus rather than costing three Focus.
  • Armor Rend now adds properly to the base debuff of Penetrating Shot.
  • Hail of Arrows’ cooldown reset can now proc once every 30 seconds.


  • Instant damage has been increased on several skills.
  • Nature’s Wrath’s periodic damage has been increased.
  • Improved Staff Sweep now deals Light damage.
  • The cooldown on Knowledge of Power has been reduced from 60 seconds to 45 seconds.
  • Ring of Fire now deals significantly more damage in an area burst.
  • Wizard’s Fire now benefits from and removes Improved Staff Sweep’s fire crit chance buff.


  • Improved Chord of Salvation will now correctly increase the Fellowship-wide heal from ranks two through four.


  • Instruments now display properly in the Dressing Room and Character panel.
  • Gleowine’s Harp, the Bardic Fiddle, and the Basic Fiddle now correctly appear on the back when sheathed.
  • Cosmetic instruments now correctly disappear while in /music mode.

Mounted Combat

  • Fixed an issue with War-steed turning.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Fixed an issue with a missing cocoon in the quest Finding Reason in Archet.


  • Fixed an issue where High-elf Rune-keepers with Legendary Item rune-satchels were unable to log in on a Mac.
  • Fixed a Who panel issue that could prevent information from being shown for previously logged-in players.
  • Who panel input element filtering is now more responsive.
  • The level variance on Who and Quest Grouping panels has been adjusted to be +/- 5 levels.
    Female elf NPCs once again have a variety of hair colours.
  • To help alleviate some chat spamming issues, characters on Premium accounts must now be level 10 in order to chat on the global chat channels. Characters on VIP accounts continue to have no level restriction to chat, while characters on Free accounts must still be level 20 to use the global chat channels.

Guardian - War Chant (have fun while it lasts)


  1. I wrote the change note incorrectly. War-chant should still do light damage, but should pull from your physical (rather than tactical) damage source. This is, for almost all guardians, a major buff. AFAIK, it is currently working correctly.

  2. I forgot to adjust the base damage of the skill when I did this and now it will hit much too hard for an AoE, so I will have to re-tune it shortly. I suggest you not expend significant resources to take advantage of it until it is rebalanced properly (which should be fairly soon).

Hrm. I think War Chant was changed to pull from your physical dmg source? Hopefully it didn’t change to physical dmg.

Also, may need a base damage adjustment with the source change in any case - probably kinda op right now if it is pulling properly. I made this particular change quickly and probably did not review its final damage values sufficiently.

EDIT: Yeah, on review War-chant is kind of ovetuned at the moment. The physical source draw made it enormously more potent, so I’m going to have to bring down the base multiplier. Should still be pretty good afterwards, just not insane AoE.

Well now…ring of fire got a damage increase?

/becomes even more reckless on lore master

And thank god the female elf npcs got there hair sorted out. This was totally impacting my immersion in the game. Obviously.

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