Update 22.2 Release notes (June 4)


The LOTRO Game Servers will be brought down on Monday, June 4th from 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT) to launch Update 22.2.

(Note: These notes will receive an update on June 4th by the end of the day to reflect a few changes that did not make it into this version of the notes.)

Update 22.2 Release Notes

Of Special Note

New Seasonal Instances

This year’s Summer Festival will feature two new Seasonal Instances: The Perfect Picnic and Boss from the Vaults: Thrâng! These instances will be available for the duration of the Summer Festival, and completing them will allow you to earn additional Festival Tokens in addition to unique gear and cosmetic items. These Instances arrive with the Summer Festival, which begins June 28th starting at 10:00 AM Eastern.

Class Updates

We have taken steps to improve the power, gameplay, and overall enjoyment of numerous classes throughout the game, as part of a longer-term effort to optimize class balance. See the full detailed notes below.

The Lay of Rust and Rime

The Lay of Rust and Rime continues with eight new weekly episodes to conclude its story! Earn unique rewards, titles, and tokens and get a sneak peek of Update 23! If you have completed the first eight episodes, return to King Thorin III in Erebor to start the new weekly quests!

News and Notes:

General Class

Any classes with Trait changes will have their Trait points respec’d when this update goes Live. This includes Champion, Guardian, Hunter, Lore-master, Minstrel, and Warden.
Traits - Traits which offer bonuses to primary stats are more potent from levels 106 - 115.
Physical Mastery from class traits has been increased.
Tactical Mastery for class traits has been increased.

Tactical Relic Rebalancing

We have rebalanced recent changes to Tactical Relics, necessitated by some issues that arose during their initial implementation for the Mordor expansion.
The relics with the new tactical bonuses had two serious balance issues:
They were never intended to be equipped in class Legendary Item slots.
They weren’t scaled correctly compared to the base bonus ratings on the weapons. They were scaled the same as Physical DPS Relics, but tactical and healing bonuses on Legendary Items should be substantially lower than the physical bonuses.

This necessitates two corresponding changes that we need to implement:
Tactical DPS relics will only slot in the primary weapon, and will see their bonus reduced to ~70% of their current value.
Tactical HPS relics will only slot in the Class item, and will see their bonus reduced to ~45% of their current value.
We recognize that this will impact some players’ current Legendary Item layouts. To manage this, those existing Tactical bonus relics will be removed from your Legendary Items and Relic inventories, and be replaced with barter tokens that can be exchanged at a Gorgoroth raid vendor for an equivalent relic (either DPS or HPS). You can then rebalance your Legendary Item.


Clever Retort’s Enrage trick bleed is now increased by the trait Honed Wit.
The trait Double Down now accurately advertises that Provoke and Diversion have a chance to provide a Daze instead of a Gamble.

Captain armament armour bonuses have been slightly reworked so they properly scale with item level.


Champion skill damage is being increased across the board.
The skill Bracing Attack has had its healing increased.
Morale healing has been increased from 200% of power consumed to 400% of power consumed.
The Rend Armour value has been increased.
Blue line:
Champion blue Line Set Bonus “Glory” is being changed to a flat 10% melee damage reduction.
Morale Bubble from the Blue-line spec skill “Sudden Defence” is being converted to a % bubble covering ~15% of the player’s unmodified Max Morale.
Sudden Defence’s morale bubble bubble grants +10% melee damage while active.
“Riposte” now grants “Sweeping Riposte” by default.
Some blue Line traits have been rearranged in the tree to address balance issues when buying traits outside specialization
Sweeping Riposte: Row 3 -> Row 2
Placed Strikes: Row 4 -> Row 3
Tactical Mitigation Increase: Row 1 -> Row 3
Vitality Increase: Row 2 -> Row 1

Yellow line:
Blade Wall’s inherent damage has been increased dramatically. The bonus damage from the trait ‘Barbed Wall’ has decreased in proportion. This was done to make ‘Barbed Wall’ less of a “must-have” trait.


Guardian Keen Blade (Red line) has been re-designed.
Overall skill damage for the Guardian has been increased. The blue and yellow lines will see some benefit from this through their base skills, but the red line will see the bulk of this benefit through their tree-specific skills and Bleed effects.
Bleed tiering has been eliminated due to bugs and performance issues, in addition to not being adequate for landscape play.
The new version has three separate Bleeds associated with Sweeping Cuts, Thrust, and Brutal Assault, and the primary skill rotation revolves around keeping these up as efficiently as possible, while weaving in other skills as feasible. There are still some skills that play off of existing Bleeds (such as Overpower), or cash them out (such as Honorable Combat), but otherwise the Bleed structure is simpler, fewer in number, and more explicit.
Red line Bleeds no longer benefit from the yellow line Radiate talent.
Guardian Bleeds are no longer applied or renewed by crits.
Several talent names were changed to reflect adjustments to their functionality necessitated by the redesign of the Bleed skills.
Several other skills that had accumulated too many modifiers were streamlined a bit, such as Hammer Down and To the King.
Base bleed damage and Legendary Item Bleed bonuses have been decreased.
Base bleed duration has been reduced for some bleeds.
Bleed damage has been added to Deep Wound and Terrible Wound.
The number of base targets has been increased on several area of effect skills.

Shield Smash and War-chant are no longer tactical skills, and draw their damage from the character’s primary weapon.
Warrior’s Heart bubble is now based on a percentage of max vitality.
Catch a Breath Legendary Item bonuses now properly affect the skill. Their percentage change is now additive, and has been adjusted.
Prey on the Weak now procs additional damage when any skill crits against a target with Slashing Wound.
Overpower now converts Deep Wound to Terrible Wound.
Challenge has had its area of effect targets reduced, and its cooldown has been increased.
Non-imbued area of effect Target’s legacy has been updated to match imbued area of effect DPS legacy, so it grants additional damage rather than additional targets.
Guardian’s Demoralizing Anthem now properly reduces Thrust cooldown.
Smashing Stab now applies a standard ‘Deep Wounds’ bleed that should do meaningful damage.
The tooltip for the trait ‘Stoic’ now properly describes the rank 6 effect.
The trait ‘Bolster’ was simplified. Each rank now properly increases the magnitude of the critical defense bonus. The Sting stun interaction reduced tanking effectiveness and has been removed.


The Hunter’s red line has been reworked to solidify it as the dominant group DPS trait line, while the blue line is being adjusted to become a more solo-friendly trait line.
Some induction time bonuses found in the blue line have been moved over to the red line.
Blue line has received improved survival tools.

All Hunter skills have been normalized to new general damage progressions.
The traited Precision stance now generates less Focus than previously.
Deadly Precision is now further up the red line.
Quick Shot inductions have been shortened to .5 seconds, and Swift Bow’s induction has been shortened to 1.8 seconds to allow for a faster cadence of manual Focus generation.
Penetrating Shot now applies a ten second debuff to the target’s increased physical damage, and True Shot now traits it to add an additional ranged critical vulnerability.
Penetrating Shot’s base damage has been decreased.
Upshot’s damage and damage multiplier per Focus has been increased considerably. Its cooldown has been reduced to 15 seconds.
Barrage now has a 2 second cooldown per shot, and a 15 second reset cooldown.
Exsanguinate can now be traited to a 100% application chance. Its cooldown has been lowered to 25 seconds, and it now has a higher damage initial hit.
Quick Draw and Press Onward/Perserverence have been swapped between the red and blue lines.
Red line’s Tier 1 bonus has been replaced with the blue line Swift Release bonus.
Blue line’s Swift Release bonus has been replaced with Hunter’s Voice, a cooldown and run speed buff to Cry of the Hunter.
Press Onward has been converted to a percentage heal to both Morale and Power. Trait and Legendary Item bonuses have been adjusted accordingly.
The Hunter Legendary Item Bleed damage bonus has been reduced from 150% to 50%. The base bleed damage of all Hunter skills has been increased by a similar or greater margin in most cases.
Both blue and red lines have undergone skill tree adjustments to keep their respective specialties intact.
Increased the base proc chance of Needful Haste to 15%.
Heartseeker’s armor set bonus now has a 30 second cooldown, and a reduced proc chance.
Heartseeker now has a long-term bleed effect.
Heartseeker now consumes 3 Focus if you have it, but it does not require Focus to fire, and does not benefit from it.
Damage from Explosive Arrow now adjusts with increasing physical mastery in addition to the DPS of your equipped bow.
Damage from the following traps now adjust with increased physical mastery: Set Trap, Triple Trap, Piercing Trap, and The One Trap. These traps now also require a main hand weapon equipped.
Barbed Hindrance now only affects the Barbed Arrow bleed as described.
The Sure-footed Huntsman’s Battle-gear armour set bonus now properly buffs Penetrating Shot debuff. Its magintude has been reduced.


The red line trait Empowering Fires has been removed.
Flanking bonuses for Wizard’s Fire have been improved.
Wizard’s Fire no longer has a damage over time component, nor interacts with Burning Embers.
Gust of Wind can now be traited to upgrade 2 Embers 100% of the time, and its induction has been reduced.
Many damage over time and ground effects have had their damage upgraded.
Rapid Fire now scales to a 25% induction reduction for 5 points and has been moved to Tier 4.
The 5th red line set bonus has been renamed to Hasten, and now grants a cooldown bonus to Sticky Gourd, Lightning Storm, and Ents go to War when the Staff Sweep ability strikes at least one target.
Fierce Lightning now scales to a 100% chance of ignition.
All skills and effects have had their damage normalized.
The base damage of most battle skills and effects has been Increased.
Lightning Strike’s cooldown has been reduced to 10 seconds.
Gust of Wind is now an area of effect.
Power of Knowledge is now a shorter, high intensity lightning damage effect and self-Power restoration ability. The Power drain component has been removed.
Water-Lore, Light of Hope, and Beacon of Hope have had their base and heal values Increased.
Share Power now has a cooldown of 10 seconds, and its magnitude has been reduced.
Share Power - Fellowship now has a cooldown of 30 seconds, and its magnitude has been reduced.
Pleasant Breeze is now a Heal rather than a Power restore.
Water-lore’s healing buff now has a base percentage of zero, but the buff gains 5% when Traited.
Hasten skill buttons have been removed, and now occur when you use Staff Sweep.
Ring of Fire is now a targeted skill, and only generates one ring of fire. Damage has been increased by 25%. This change addresses a game performance issue caused by the skill.
Ancient Master’s power restore component has been removed from the skill.
Enfeeble now increases the potency of certain debuffs in their opening moments instead of doubling them.
The Ancient Craft initial debuff is now more powerful.


Anthem of the Third Age is now given out at specialization.
Anthems now have a default duration of 60 seconds.
Anthem cooldowns have been reduced by 10 seconds.
Anthems now stack with one another by default.

Raise the Spirit has had its cooldown removed. Its induction length has been increased from one to 1.2 seconds.
Chord of Salvation has had its healing increased.
The Minstrel Imbued Legacy Anthem Duration has been increased from 1 second per rank to 2 seconds per rank.
The Classic Legacy Discordant Ballads Stance Swap Buff is now a Light Damage Legacy to match its corresponding Imbued Legacy. The first rank now provides +5% Light damage, and subsequent ranks increase the damage by an additional +2.5%.
The buff from the trait “Follow Up” no longer stacks. Follow Up has had its rank 2 induction reduced from 20% to 15%, and its effect duration increased from six seconds to 20 seconds. This effect will no longer stack.
Blue line
The Set Bonus Open Ears is now Resolute, and provides a potent block rating buff.
Fate and Will stat bonuses previously received upon specialization have been removed.
Soliloquy of Spirit’s healing has been increased.
Coda of Resonance now grants +5% incoming healing to the fellowship for 30 seconds.
Improved Chord of Salvation’s Heal over Time has been converted to a Fellowship instant heal, which properly scales with your implement. Traiting increases the Fellowship healing by 10/15/20/25%.
Inspiring Cries and Calls has had its application chance increased by 10/20/30/40% in ranks 2 through 5. Its cooldown has been increased to 30 seconds.
Follow Up has had its rank 2 induction reduced from 20% to 15%, and its effect duration increased from six seconds to 20 seconds.

Red line
Coda of Fury now grants 5% outgoing damage to the Fellowship for 30 seconds.
Discordant Ballads now grants a constant 5% Tactical Damage instead of its previous Fresh Voice component.
Anthem of War is no longer given out via levelling.
Echoing Anthem of War is now Anthem of War, which grants the skill, and includes the trait’s former +10% Tactical Damage bonus.

Yellow line
Extended Anthems now increase Anthem duration by 10 seconds per rank, and no longer require a previous trait to access it.
Vocal Stamina has been removed.
A new trait has been added called Shield Focus, which earns the Shield Focus skill, and allows a Minstrel to trade movement speed for block chance.
Hero’s Strike healing has been improved, and now scales with class item strength.
Coda of Melody grants +2.5% to all partial avoidances to the fellowship for 30 seconds.
The trait Bracing Finish has been replaced with Raise Our Spirits
Raise Our Spirits grants a fellowship-wide Heal over Time to Raise the Spirit.
Further ranks increase the heal over time strength.

Anthem of the Third Age – Melody now grants incoming healing and outgoing damage to the fellowship instead of its previous power cost reduction.
The Set Bonus Perfect Ballad is now Improved Anthem of the Third Age
The Damage bonus from Anthem of the Third Age - Melody has been increased by 5%.
Incoming Healing bonus from Anthem of the Third Age - Melody increased by 2.5%

The Set Bonus Harmonious Anthems is now Ascendant Anthem of the Third Age.
The damage bonus from Anthem of the Third Age - Melody has been increased by 5%.
The incoming Healing bonus from Anthem of the Third Age - Melody has been increased by 2.5%.

The trait Exposing Weakness is now Of All Trades, which increases outgoing damage by 3/6/10% and outgoing healing by 3/6/10%.
Echoes of Battle now carries a Critical Defence debuff.
New Specialization bonuses increase Light Damage by 10%, and Outgoing Healing by 5%.


Warden damage over time damage has been increased by about 20%.
Determination Specialization Bonus has had its spear damage bonus removed, had its Maximum Morale increased by 20%, and had its Mitigation increased by 5%.
Impressive Flourish now grants +1% Physical and Tactical Mitigation.
Maddening Strike now grants +1% Physical and Tactical Mitigation.
Dance of War now grants +1% Physical Mitigation
Conviction now grants +1% Tactical Mitigation
The trait Defiance now gives Defiant Challenge a direct mitigation buff.
Buff duration: 22 seconds
Rank 1: 1% to Physical and Tactical Mitigation.
Rank 2: Increases bonus to 2.5%.
Rank 3: Increases bonus to 5%.

Precise Blow, Piercing Strike, Spear of Virtue, and Warden damage over time now scales with weapon strength.
Light-damage Imbued Legacy now properly enhances all appropriate skills.
Imbued Legendary Item Persevere Block Rating now affects Persevere.
The Ranged Offensive Strike Skill Chain - Debuff has been changed:
Ranged Offensive Strike Debuff Potency: - 2% --> 1%
Ranged Offensive Strike Debuff Duration (seconds): 12 --> 25
Ranged Combination Strike Debuff Potency: - 4% --> 3%
Ranged Combination Strike Debuff Duration (seconds): 12 --> 25
Ranged Boar’s Rush Debuff Potency: - 7% --> 5%
Ranged Boar’s Rush Debuff Duration (seconds): 12 --> 25

Ranged Adroit Manoeuvre duration buffs have been changed:
Ranged Adroid Manoeuvre Attack Duration Buff duration: 20–>25
Ranged Adroid Manoeuvre Induction Buff duration (When traited): 20–>25

Ranged Warden’s Triumph Buffs have been changed:
Ranged Warden’s Triumph Ranged Damage Buff Potency: +5% --> +10%
Ranged Warden’s Triumph Ranged Damage Buff Duration: 20 --> 25

Ranged Offensive Strike Gambit Line Damage Redistribution has been adjusted:
The Gambit Chain Bonus Damage effects have been eliminated.
Damage has been rebalanced across Ranged Offensive Strike, Ranged Combination Strike, and Ranged Boar’s Rush. Ranged Boar’s Rush now deals the most damage of the three skills.
The bonus damage granted from executing the Gambits in sequence has been removed, and the damage it provided has been distributed into the base skill damage.

Marked Target and Diminished Target Duration has been adjusted:
Marked Target has been changed to Lasting Mark, which increases duration instead of potency by 5 seconds per rank.
The base duration of Marked Target and Diminished Target has been changed to 35 seconds.
The skill Diminished Target is now given out by default at level 20.
The debuff bonuses from items has been reduced to 5% from 15%, and bonuses no longer stack with each other.

The Mitigation Debuff from the Set Bonus Focus Fire has been increased from 2.5% --> 5%.
The duration of Assailment Gambit Debuff has been increased to 35 seconds.
Diminished Target is now called Enduring Assailment and increases the duration of Assailment Gambit Debuffs by 5 seconds per rank.

Ranged Damage has been moved to Row 1.
Momentum has been moved to Row 2.
Persevere and Impressive Flourish buff chains have had their ratings updated.
The trait Unassailable had a bug causing it not to deliver the amount of ratings it promised to Surety of Death. The trait now offers a non-percentage based ratings-based increase that is visible to the player. The new value is roughly double what it was contributing previously.
The trait Indefatigable had a bug causing it not to deliver the amount of ratings it promised to Surety of Death. The trait now offers a ratings-based increase that is visible to the player. The new value is roughly double what it was contributing previously.
The Battle-memory version of Dance of War no longer provides too high an amount of Evade Rating.
The trait Lasting Mark now applies to Diminished Target as advertised.
Marked Target and Diminished Target debuff bonuses from items has been reduced from 15% to 5%, and its bonuses no longer stack with each other. This affects Featured Instance gear and Revered Warden’s Earring.
Warning Shot Changes now gains a force taunt, has had its cooldown extended to around 45 seconds, its debuff duration extended to 60 seconds, and cannot be blocked, parried, evaded, or missed.
Strident Battle-dress of the Abyss no longer grants an invisible +25% Bleed damage bonus.
The following skills now pull from your melee implement:
The Boot
Boar’s Rush
Ranaged Boot
Ranged Boar’s Rush
(Includes Potent versions)

Anniversary Event

We have created Eriador-specific versions of all of the anniversary scavenger hunt quests for years one through eleven for lower level players. This will allow players at any level to experience all the fun of the anniversary event. See Waldo’s niece, Odilia Rumble, near the Party Tree in The Shire to begin the fun!
All objectives for these quests are included within Eriador. Objectives that took place outside of Eriador have been removed from these versions of the quests.
Rewards have been adjusted accordingly:
Quests will still award 3 anniversary tokens.
Wrapper quests should award about half of the rewards of their cap level counterpart, along with one Anniversary Token.
The Deed to complete all of the Eriador Anniversary quests will grant the title: Versed in Yesteryear, 6 dyes, a White Stag pet and 3 Anniversary Tokens.

These quests do not grant XP.

Summer Festivities - Arriving with the Summer Festival

Summer Festivity: The Perfect Picnic - We have a new Summer Festival activity for Fellowship sizes 1 up to 12.
Summer Boss-fight: Thrang - We are revisiting the Thrang encounter as part of the Summer Festival. This fight will be familiar to those who’ve fought Thrang before, but we are tweaking this version to provide a new experience with special awards. Fellowship size: 6.


The Gorgoroth Rewards Vendor has had its prices lowered on Abyssal Essences from 1500 to 850. The Abyss of Mordath Tier 2 deed is no longer required to barter at this vendor.
Many javelins are now properly categorized as such in the Wardrobe.
A few pieces of quest gear have had their stats slightly updated.

Quests and Adventure Areas

Some fixes were made to prevent Frightful Tales to Curl the Hair On Your Toes from becoming uncompleteable.
High Elf - Instance: Into Darkness Falls A Star - Rescued soldiers now display billboard text properly.
Instances and Raids - Abyss of Mordath - The Lost Lore housing item is now properly voiced.
Quests - Strongholds of the North - Reforging a Kingdom - Corrected improper guidance text.
Strongholds of the North - Random NPCs outside of Erebor no longer have physics.
Festivals - Spring Festival - Shrew Stomp text is no longer ‘DNT’.
Beast-slayer of Dor Amarth - defeating Dire-horns will now advance the deed.
Anniversary event quest Year 7 Tales - Legolas - now only defeating Orcs in Rohan will correctly update that objective.
During the Elf Allegiance quest line, Arwen will no longer phase from her old spot in Rivendell if you have Epic Vol 3 Book 2 Chapter1 or the Year 4 Tales Anniversary quest underway.
In the Elf Allegiance Battle Under the Trees instance, an orc archer has been escorted to the correct side of some invisible barriers and given a stern talking to.
Some further improvements to camera blocking have been made in one of the Easterling refugee camps across the river from Dale.
Fixed one of Gandalf’s remembrances from the Year 9 scavenger hunt, which was not useable.
Some music that was intended to play in several Mordor interior locations, along with some Dale-lands and Erebor landmarks,now does.
Lay of Rust and Rime:
There are eight new episodes available, which conclude the story. Each of the eight quests award five Tokens.
Since the overall story is now 16 quests in total, the final reward for the Deed is now 100 Tokens, a special item, and a unique title.
The “verse” text has been removed from the Deed, and it now covers the entire story.
The final quest has a selectable statted item reward.
These new episodes begin now, with a new episode being revealed once per week.

The older regions of Breeland and Ered Luin have had some landscape updates made to them to improve their overall look and feel.

Featured Challenges and Instances

Featured Challenges are an additional Featured Instance quest that only bestows at cap level on Tier 2 difficulty, and provides additional rewards for completing the Tier 2 challenge in the Featured Instance.
Featured Challenge reward vendors can be found in Bree, Twenty-first Hall, Dol Amroth, Minas Tirith (both pre-and-post Battle), and Dale.
A Featured Instance Vendor has been added to Dale.

Looking For Fellowship:

Social Panel > Who tab changes:
The Who panel is once again just a Who panel, and is no longer used for grouping purposes other than for simple tells and invites.
Removed the “Player Looking For Fellowship” checkbox, Quest drop-down, and Player Note fields.
Removed the “Show LFF Only” checkbox, and the “Quest” filter

Social Panel > Open Fellowship tab changes:
The Open Fellowships tab has been renamed to “Quest Grouping”, and can be used to find players who are also interested in getting a group together to do a specific quest or deed. You can now create multiple Looking For Fellowship (LFF) entries, or join multiple entries that have already been created by other players. If you create an entry and logout, leadership will transfer to another group member. When you log back in, you will either be added to another similar group if one exists, or a new entry will be recreated for you. As members join an LFF entry, you will see a class icon populate the Members field, and each icon has a context-sensitive menu for sending Tells, Inspecting, or Inviting each member to your Fellowship. Group leaders can also invite all members from a context-sensitive menu on the LFF entry.
Removed the “LFP Want Ad” and “You currently do not have an LFP entry” labels.
Removed the “LFP Note” functionality.
Removed the “Matches Only” checkbox.
Added an “Include Deeds” checkbox for populating the Quest drop-down with active Deeds.
Added “Find” button for filtering results with currently specified criteria.
Added “My Quests” button for showing all of the LFF entries that you have either created or joined.
LFF entries will now show a star icon next to entries that the player has either created or leads.
A small player icon will appear next to LFF entries that the player is a member of.


Warsteed turns while moving now look more natural. This is an aesthetic fix and does not impact actual movement.
The Rescued Steed of Agarnaith now actually has 250 Morale.
Racial Travel skills are now usable while mounted.
The Elk of Felegoth’s Glory now appears in the Mounts Collection panel.
The Elk of Felegoth’s Glory had been corrected to have +68% speed and 250 health.
The Lasgalen Spring Steed had been corrected to have +62% speed.
The maximum number of characters you can ignore has been increased to 300.
The Who and Quest Grouping panels now default the level filters to +/- 2 levels from your character’s current level (instead of +/- 1).
The Russet Hedgehog cosmetic pet can now be acquired from the Keeper of Mysteries.
The following cosmetic items have been added to the Keeper of Mysteries and the Gorgoroth Steel-bound lootbox: Smaug’s bones housing decoration, Uniform of the Laketown Watch cosmetic outfit selection box, Steeds of the Tireless mount selection box, Public Outhouse housing decoration, and an Eager Beaver cosmetic pet.
The text “Waiting for logout to complete” on the character selection screen has been centered.
Many quests and items have been updated with improvements to grammar and spelling.

Cosmetic Items

Musical instruments are now visible (sheathed) on your character when equipped. You can use the standard visibility override in the Cosmetic Outfits tab to hide your equipped instrument. You can also now cosmetically equip an instrument in any of your outfits. Your selected outfit’s musical instrument will display on your character, and will be visible and audible for minstrels in combat in place of your equipped instrument. Note that the /music system will continue to use only your actually-equipped instrument for visuals and sound. Other ranged weapon slot items that have no visible appearance will not display on your character.

Performance and Misc

Performance improvements have been made related to loading Deeds and quest locations.
The game launcher now provides quick access to Microsoft’s Direct X Web installer to make it easier to fix Direct X related issues.
XInput device discovery has been temporarily disabled.
Added a link to view the Character Transfer Guide to the Character Transfer Wizard in the launcher.
lotrobrowserhelper.exe no longer produces lotrobrowserhelper_X.log files.
Removed “Turbine” from the log path - the logs are now stored in %localappdata%\The Lord of the Rings Online, game client logs go here as well.
Game Launcher: Added “Explore Log Folder” menu option which will open the folder where launcher and game client logs are put. Please note, the path has changed, if you wish to clean out old logs, you can delete the following directory: C:\Users\AppData\Local\Turbine\The Lord of the Rings Online\Launcher
Windows Only: We are renaming the launcher from TurbineLauncher.exe to lotrolauncher.exe. In order to preserve existing shortcuts, a tiny TurbineLauncher.exe will be downloaded, but only if your installation already includes one. New installations will not include a TurbineLauncher.exe. If you wish to create new shortcuts, please point them at lotrolauncher.exe.
Further improvements have been made to the in-game profanity filter.

Known Issues:

General (one-time only):
You may experience an issue where your tactical Rune of Binding/Rune of Enchantment does not appear to be removed from your legendary items or your relic pool after you enter the game.?If this occurs, please logout and back into the game to correct this, or you may experience issues when trying to slot a new rune.?You will receive a token for these ‘ghosted’ relics upon your first login even though they still appear to be in the items/relic pool, so you should not receive additional tokens after your relog.

Double Down trait tooltip incorrectly states that Diversion will apply a Daze.

Honourable combat is not providing an additional benefit when removing bleeds from multiple targets.
Warrior’s fortitude does not provide a benefit if traited in more than one specialization line.
Shield-smash is affecting 7 targets instead of 8 when rank 3 of Follow Through is traited.
The Guardian Area Effect Damage legacy for non-imbued legendary weapons is currently increasing damage more than intended.
The Overwhelm skill description is incorrect. It does not provide a slowing effect, and instead converts a deep wound into a terrible wound.
The tooltip for Bolster incorrectly states it increases mitigation to 100%. This trait increases critical defense after blocking.
Tenderize does not work properly at rank 5 and will remove the buff effect if sting is used, and no bleed is applied.
War-chant is incorrectly benefiting from tactical mastery instead of physical mastery.
Cataclysmic Shout’s description says it will do more damage to marked targets, however this is not the case.
The Fighter of Shadow benefit of restoring morale when attacking a marked target is not working once the Mark of Permanence set bonus is acquired.
The red line Guardian Haemorrhage trait says it gives a chance to apply a stackable bleed, but bleeds do not stack (as intended).

The Yellow line hunter trait Armour Rend is removing the penetrating shot skills armor mitigation debuff when traited.
The Upshot Damage legacy is not increasing skill damage.

Pleasant Breeze trait ranks say power restore, but affect morale.
Staff-sweep has a delay after the animation plays before it applies damage and the sound effect for the attack.
Staff Sweep says it restores power if you strike an enemy while a companion is flanking it, but this is currently not the case.
Wizard’s Fire does not benefit from the staff sweep increased crit chance, nor does it remove the effect.
Ring of Fire initial fire damage is currently single target and only one ring of fire is created to reduce the lag associated with this skill. Rank 4 of Ring of Fire is only increasing the radius of the secondary Ring of Fire effect and damage type is also not fire for this part of the skill. This skill is currently not functioning as intended and will be addressed in the near future.

Improved Chord of Salvation trait isn’t correctly increasing the Fellowship-wide heal from at ranks 2, 3, and 4.

Updating. I might take a nap. :sleeping: :clown_face: