Update 22.3 Release Notes (June 27)

New Festival Instances!

This year’s Summer Festival will feature two new Seasonal Instances: The Perfect Picnic and Boss from the Vaults: Thrâng! These instances will be available for the duration of the Summer Festival, and completing them will allow you to earn additional Festival Tokens in addition to unique gear and cosmetic items. These Instances arrive with the Summer Festival, which begins June 28th starting at 10:00 AM Eastern.

The Perfect Picnic:

It’s the hottest day of the summer, and you are headed for the best spot in the Shire to have a simply perfect picnic! Choose from a level range of 10 to 115, and group sizes from solo to raid. Among the new rewards are picnic baskets, picnic ponies/horses/combat mounts, festival skirmish banners, a Raincloud pet, a Peacock, a Peahen, and more!

Boss from the Vaults: Thrâng:

Face an old foe: Thrâng from the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu! This new version of the boss encounter scales from levels 50 to 115, and features new and improved encounter mechanics along with new rewards. This instance is Tier 1 only and meant for six-player Fellowships. Among the new rewards are a cosmetic version of Thrâng’s sword, revamped Rift loot, cosmetic Rift weapons, a new Title, and more!

News and Notes:



  • War-chant based damage has been adjusted down to account for its higher physical damage source.


  • Press Onwards is no longer an induction skill and can be used while moving.
  • Lingering Wound’s damage over time now tiers up properly.
  • Lingering Wound’s base damage over time has been reduced moderately, but its peak damage has been increased.
  • Lingering Wound’s damage over time duration has been increased to ten seconds.
  • Lingering Wound’s skill cooldown has been increased to three seconds.


  • A Storm-cloud pet, White Peacock pet, White Peahen pet, Thrang Weapon Locker of cosmetic weapons, and a Fish Pond housing item are now available in Gorgoroth Steel-bound Lootboxes.
  • Gleowine’s Harp once again uses the standard harp set of musical notes in the /music system.
  • Switching instruments after using the /music system now correctly displays the equipped or outfitted instrument.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • The Incident in the Camps and Reach of Justice instances in the Dalelands now allow two players entry, instead of just one.
  • Session - Interlude: No Other Way - /sit no longer causes Gollum to be stuck


  • The Quest Log now shows a “Loading…please wait” pop-up when quest data is being loaded.
  • A Search Bar has been added to the Quest Log for filtering quest entries by name or level. Quest categories are not searchable.
  • Show Completed Quests is now faster, but you can no longer use Expand All to show all completed quest info.
  • A label has been added to the Quest Log to show how many quest items are being shown out of the total active or completed quests.
  • The default minimum and maximum levels are now 1 and 115 on both the Who and Quest Grouping panels.
  • Global chat message frequency is now throttled based on the length of the last message sent. Minimum delay is three seconds.
  • We are enforcing a stringent spamming policy on all chat messages. To prevent yourself from being gagged from chat for 24 hours, please limit the frequency of your LFF, Trade, and Kinship Recruitment messages. The thresholds for these limits can be adjusted in the future based on the need to limit spam and provide for legitimate messaging.
  • Report Spammer has been added to the chat portion of the player context-menu.
  • The Featured Instance reset tooltip now specifies that it does not reset Featured Cha
    llenge quests.


  • Fixed an issue that could prevent female high elf characters with Legendary Item rune-satchels from logging in on a Mac client.
  • XInput detection has been re-enabled and optimized, and XInput has also been added to the settings. To play with an XInput device (including, but not limited to Xbox 360 controllers), enabled XInput Detection in Options > Input.
  • An issue has been fixed with aspect ratio auto-calculation. Changing screen mode should now properly re-apply the correct aspect ratio.