Updating the recruitment video

Hello. I have been shamelessly plugging OTG on several of the gaming focused social media group’s I belong to. One thing I have noticed is that we have a great recruitment video, but since it was made in 2015 the guild has gone through some changes. Notably the forum move and the switch from Mumble to Discord. I was wondering if there is a plan to update the video to account for these changes. I hate pointing people to a video that has out of date information.



This is something we have been discussing for quite some time in PR. Yes, it is planned to update the video. :smile:

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Looks like we have a volunteer!

That’s totally what I was thinking! Why do you think I didn’t respond first!! :duck: :laughing:

Can’t wait to see what the PR team does for us.

I will be posting a call for this in the near future, specifying our needs, etc. :slight_smile:

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You’re not going to use that video we took at the staff Xmas party last year, right @Aerythe? What happens in the staff lounge is supposed to to stay in the staff lounge or something.


No promises. :crazy_face:

Well, at least you should blur out my “Jingle bells.”

Negative, Santa Monkey.

Here is the link to the call for a Video Designer:

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That escalated quickly…

As they often do in OTG…

Something about a squeaky wheel I suppose.

Thanks everyone for moving forward on this. If I had the skills I would be more than happy to help, and still am in any way I can.

I’m glad you liked it. :slight_smile: As @Aerythe stated, an update is in the works.