Upgrading from Tamriel Unlimited edition

I think I have my head wrapped around the available upgrades. But just to make sure and to ask a question or two about details here goes. I have the Tamriel Unlimited edition of the PC game. So right now I can play all base content less the chapters and DLCs. This also means that I do not have access to the imperial race or the warden class.

The only way to gain access to the chapters is to buy the ESO Collection (currently $80 USD directly from ZOS) or to find a copy of the old Morrowind expansion (currently $15 on amazon) and the Summerset expansion ($30 or more from ZOS)…

  1. If I buy the ESO collection, then I get the DLCs whether or not I pay the ESO+ subscription.
  2. If I buy the two expansions, then I need to be an ESO+ subscriber in order to get the DLCs. Side note/opinion: I remember inventory management being a hassle, so the expanded bank and crafting bags are probably worth $15 a month.
  3. Finally, do mounts that come from the crown store and/or ESO collection start out at max stats or do they need to be fed every day to improve their stats like regular mounts in game?

ESO+ = Free Crowns, infinite shared bag space for harvestables, double bank storage and inventory space, double house inventory space. free goodies every month for logging in and claiming them. plus the dlc.
If you have a mount that is trained up all mounts are trained up (this is by character not account or mount). ex… you train speed up to 60 and pack space to 10. you get a new mount it has the same

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My strategy was to go ESO Plus so that I can collect and craft things without frustration and enjoy the DLC while or after playing the game’s base content. Morrowind is now a DLC, so it appears that you get access to it with ESO Plus and can purchase it separately with crowns instead of cash. Depending on how well you already know the base game content, my advice would be to subscribe to the game and enjoy everything you can at that price before purchasing anything else. Who knows? By the time you get around to playing Summerset, it might be DLC, too. :slight_smile:

So, the question is: do you want to buy everything with the possibility of not enjoying it AND pay the sub, or pay for a sub and enjoy what you enjoy and leave the rest.

That’s my buck-fifty.

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Thanks for the feedback. My highest level character is level 23, so I have plenty of content ahead of me! I like the idea of subbing and just taking it one day at a time.

Also, I didn’t remember that horses need to be trained for each character. I can add that to the crafting chores for various alts.

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Cool. Note that horse training has a 20-hour (rather than 24-hour) cooldown. If you have access to the game throughout the day (rather than just before and/or after work), this can be handy. Also, I find that for most purposes, I have no need to go faster than sprinting plus 20% speed increase from training. Faster than that and I start to lose immersion. That saves a lot of training time and cost.

You sure do, take your time and enjoy the journey.