Use BEFORE Registering an account for CoE!

For anyone registering a new account with CoE, please use Vorien’s friend code since he owns the Duchy.


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Is Vorien in OTG?

Yes. 5CHAR


technically he is still an active member on the old forums but he did indicate that he was moving on to another gaming community and implied he would no longer be active with OTG…

Well that’s unfortunate.

maybe we can close this topic and make a list of other people with friend codes :wink: More fair for everyone who is a member of OTG.

You can do what ever you want but this is the only one supported by this chapter. Vorien is the Duke of our Duchy. Weather he plays with otg or not this wont change unless he is otherwise removed from power in someway in game.

All this process does is give a person more IP Influence Points. Influence is used to determine the order in which the game population chooses stuff like surname registration or land claim. Those with more IP choose before those with less. This is why we send points to Vorien so he can choose sooner then others. Unless you have a high amount its probably not going to do you much good.

Hey All,

The purpose of Influence Points is to reward community members for helping to make the game successful. That is - for having an influence on its success.

To that end, we award IP for various activities which we believe influences the success of the game. Some of these activities include:

  • Inviting other paying/contributing members to the community
  • Providing valuable information on the community forums or Wiki
  • Asking intelligent questions in our Live Chat thread
  • Posting website, chat server, or game bugs
  • Creating new journalistic content via blogs, YouTube videos, etc…
  • Providing valuable feedback on design choices which alters our course
  • Creating valuable game content via our content tools
  • Providing impressive fan art or fan fiction
  • Backing us financially via Kickstarter or other

Of the above, the one that appears least understood is inviting other paying or contributing members to the community.

It has been our plan all along that, once we began our Kickstarter campaign, to reset the IP awarded for referrals based on the number of recruiting members who either pre-order or back the game, or earn enough Influence themselves to earn a free copy of the game.

However, this doesn’t seem to be understood. People see the projected influence go up on the IP chart and assume that means they’re earning IP. If it’s solely from recruiting other members, then if they don’t buy the game, back us on KS, or otherwise provide significant contribution to the success of the game, you’re not actually getting IP for that.

As a result of this misunderstanding we’ve been seeing over a hundred “fake” accounts being created - many of them over the last couple days. These fake accounts exist solely to enter the Friend Code of a pre-created accounts so the “master account” can get a bunch of IP.

This is harmful to the community and ultimately provides no benefit to the people doing it. For a couple reasons:

Because those dummy accounts will never buy the game, or earn Influence themselves, they don’t actually give the cheater any real Influence
In the process of creating the dummy accounts, they’re consuming Aliases which might otherwise be used by valid players.

But most importantly… We use the number of confirmed accounts to help us gauge the interest in the game. We use those numbers to help guide us in determining when to launch our Kickstarter campaign based on the interest we’re seeing. When people create dummy accounts with no interest in buying the game, it misleads us. Worst case scenario we launch a campaign thinking there’s a ton of interest… only to fail and have the game cease development.

As a secondary problem. We’re now having to spend time developing tools to better track IP addresses, block people, ban people, etc… We knew these things would happen eventually, but the automated and manual creation of the dummy accounts is forcing us to do those things now… which is taking precious time away from the development of the game. I’m going to repeat that.

If you’re creating fake accounts to earn IP, you’re not gaining anything, but you are misleading us and forcing us to spend time tracking you down rather than making the game.

In other words. STOP.

Because we know asking nicely isn’t going to help. And because we know telling people straight up to knock it off isn’t going to work, we’re going to be instituting new IP policies this coming week.

To begin with, we’ll be clearing IP for all accounts. Then, we’ll be re-awarding IP based on concrete earnings, such as blog posts, YouTube videos, Easter eggs, Live Chat participation, contributions to the forums, bug posting, etc…

After that’s all done, if you’ve invited someone who’s managed to earn their place in the community using one or more of the above methods, you’ll receive the usual 50 Influence for inviting them. Not before.

As a result of this change, many of you will have your Influence drop back to zero, and for most it will stay there until the people you invite either contribute a significant amount to the development of the community, or until those referrals buy, back, or pre-order a copy of the game.

Hopefully when these cheaters see their Influence no longer rising they’ll be less incentivised to create useless dummy accounts. Futhermore, you’ll always have an accurate view of the amount of influence you’ve earned, rather than a projected estimate.

Thanks all for your patience as we work through these issues.

= The Soulbound Staff

Edit: Vorien is Duke not King…lol Adam is King.

i know what Is does, but I would think there are more factor. To consider.

  1. as this chapter has no official leader and is still in prelaunch and won’t have one till launch/ exposition (the three months before the official game start, ie building phase by the players) how can a decision on whom OTG will join be made.

  2. Looking at who the holder of the title is, it looks like this person cynn is a holder of the duchy.

  3. if voreins is leaving OTG, then why are we giving his support, shouldn’t we open this up to all members of OTG and ensure the ip goes towards the players who are active with OTG.

  4. I have a friend who is king and is interested in possibly joining OTG, that would outrank this so called duke (again I believe his countess is the title holder), wouldn’t we the obliged to use his friend code?

  5. shouldn’t the main goal be to build a active group in OTG, or at least give the members of the group options?

  6. I help run a duchy and am active on a kingdom level as well, not to mention am invested in the game, as well as countless others, it is only logical to give our OTG members options on who they want to support, hence the reason for my request to open the thread to showing the OTG members the options and let them decide rather than being told who to join.

  7. CoE is a game that has levels of politics and offers many different forms of game play for different types of players. The success of a group as well as activity for a game is dependent on those values being reflected by fellow players, again that’s why it’s important that the OTG players for coe understand the options they have and the group they end up choosing be a reflection of this choice.

  8. this reminds me of the bit from Monty python and the holy grail, the constitutional peasant.

  9. considering there are different servers and the OTG community being one that is situated around the world not all players may want to or be able to play on the east server, hence another reason for making a list of where fellow members intend to play

Well it’s hard to add more to that, I completely agree.

  1. I am blessed to serve the guild as its Offical CoE GD Lead. Whether or not I’m chosen to be the Chapter Lead when the game launches is a decision for the admins. Guildies have been planing this since 2016 and have paid real money to get where they are now and if we uped and moved we’d piss off almost everyone.
  2. Yes. Cynn is the Duchess and Vorien is the Duke. They own the Duchy of Fenixvalle and have graciously allowed us to be a part of it.
  3. Even if Vorien leaves OTG he is still the Duke of the Duchy of Fenixvalle. Absolutely nothing would change as a result of his leaving the Old Timer’s Guild.
  4. No. Members have already committed real world money in aligning with the Duchy of Fenixvalle and the Kingdom of Vornair. If you want to use your friends friend code that’s your business.
  5. Guildies are free to participate in the Duchy and Kingdom Discord Servers. They are also free to join the Dance of Dynasties on the Offical CoE discord Server.
  6. This OTG chapter has already joined the Kingdom of Vornair and we did so on April 10th, 2017 as shown Here.
  7. Again, we have already chosen
  8. Ni!
  9. Guldies can do whatever they want but officially the CoE chapter will be on NA:E
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Primus, if your friend joins OTG, then we can have a discussion about where OTG’s CoE loyalties should lay. Until then, Kelryth, as the Game Development Lead of CoE, has aligned OTG with the Kingdom of Vornair and with Cynnwynn’s/Vorien’s Duchy.

As it has been pointed out, OTG members are not bound to this alliance and are free to align with any Kingdom, Duchy, Barony that they wish. If there are any issues with CoE or any other game please send me or Hashberry a PM and we can discuss it.


If my friend does join OTG, I will make sure he comes in contact with you. I don’t have an issue with who leads what, I was just under the impression that prelaunch games do not choose faction alignments until its closer to launch. My apologies for that as it was not my intention to throw a spear into the works.

Would it be alright for others to create threads for the communities they are building up as well?

Also if you ever want to chat Coe, just hit me up on the discord :wink:

For most games, that may true, but for CoE, OTG would be very much at a disadvantage if we did not align with a kingdom early.

Would it be alright for others to create threads for the communities they are building up as well?

I not sure exactly what you mean, but all posts/threads are welcome that do not create drama. Additionally, I would ask that any posts do not undermine Kelryth and the direction he has chosen. Something like " XXX Kingdom is open to OTG members" is fine. I think most can figure out what posts are probably left to PMs.

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" XXX Kingdom is open to OTG members" was more along the direction i was talking about.

As for undermining, i have no intent on doing that, as I despise drama myself :wink:

I think the main goal is to create a community and no matter where you end up, there is a network in place to help one another :wink:

Unfortunately I already have an account and I don’t see any way to add his code.
But as an FYI I have a magistrate account.