Video software for posting music on YouTube?

I’m preparing to post some of my homegrown music online, including on YouTube. I haven’t done anything needing video editing software in a long time, so i’m way out of the loop. At this point, i only need something to create videos of my music with a static image to post on YouTube. Can anyone recommend something simple and reliable, with decent quality and at a low price? Does anyone know what people generally use for that purpose?

I used Microsoft PowerPoint and converted it to mp4 for the one and only Youtube thingie I did. I overlaid music onto a series of pictures.

I edited the music in Audicity since it wasn’t long enough.

Here’s the link so you can see quality:

I have some magix software that I use. I got it from a humble bundle.

I’ll collaborate with you for like Amazon gift cards or steam games.

Hit me up in private and I’ll send you a demo.

Thanks to both of you. I’m doing some research and finding some good info. It looks like there’s no shortage of options. It also looks like YouTube even has its own creator that might work for my current needs.

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For audio
Audacity Good for general audio editing

Reaper, great for music related audio editing, and even live background noise removal ect…

Both free, although reaper has full unlimited trial on the honor system to purchase

for video editing id suggest Sony Vegas pro 13 or adobe premiere if you can afford a Bit for them.

the also Free Openshot

I use professional grade software for audio. Openshot looks like it might be a great place to start with video, though. Thanks, Mudd!!