Want to transfer the Community

Hey gang,

I am RARELY on my PS4 anymore, so I’d like someone else to take over as owner of the Community. Unfortunately, I can simply transfer it, so if someone who’s on the PS4 more than me wants to set up a new on, I will delete the old.



Let me rephrase. I’ll be deleting the Community on Thursday and would love for someone to create a new one.

@Benbrada, do you know if a replacement community has been made yet? It looks like the current PS4 community will be going away tomorrow if I’m reading this right.

I mainly put Thursday as the deadline because no one responded to my request :slight_smile:

I can take it over.

I am co-owner. I WILL create a new one if necessary. I’m not going anywhere.

@Viking @Dewald

Sorry I did not see this thread. Not sure why you didn’t just reach out to me or @Viking@evil_mike

You’ll need to create a new one. I can’t transfer ownership.

See PMs… let’s setup a time

I’m on too most nights goofing off or idling so can help as well if needed. Gaming time is limited to solo most of the time due to afk a lot, but I do try to get on at least once a day even if it’s for a short amount of time.

This is my main gaming platform so I’d be glad to help if needed.

@bedrock you’re already a PS4 NCO I believe?

Let me become owner and then I’ll assign you as a moderator!

Appreciate it @Mezilar. Think @bedrock and I can handle but I might definitely call on you someday!

@Viking in loop as well as an FYI :slight_smile:

I’m going to be on PS4 a bit more as Spider-man comes out tomorrow (“technically”) :smiley:

@Benbrada Yes, I am a PS4 NCO unless I got the boot haha. No worries, I figured it’d be best for you to run the community going forward so you can manage it.

Just would like to “own” it, you can be a full moderator and do the hands-on lol

Right now I assume that we are waiting for the current community to go down b4 creation of the replacement?

@evil_mike / @Benbrada Any chance we can create the new community first so we can send invites to everyone from the old one to move over or do we want everyone to re-apply to join?

I think that would best.

Can there be 2 communities with same name though? I’m looking for it. Tons of OTGs and old timers that have nothing to do with us.

I’ll delete mine in an hour or so.