Wanted posters, contracts

Just wanted to let those of you struggling with 7th Legion faction know that there are wanted posters that apparently were reset, and you can revisit them and get more faction. I found a couple in Nessingwary’s, one on the border south of there, and another in town on the desert continent. Rep was significant. As a human I get 82 rep per WQ. On the wanted posters I was getting 250ish.

Another thing for those of you grinding rep is to get a contract from inscription. The big choice Alliance side is either Champions or Turtles. The rest are easy rep to farm. Pretty much any WQ on the other horde continent is 7th Legion. Champions rep only come from WQs, and Turtles have several quest lines in game. I went with a turtle contract since I am a tailor/enchanter, and hitting revered matters a great deal.

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