Warframe Interest

We’re looking into where the PC version fits in OTG (if anywhere), since I play some I’m guessing GG in some shape or form.

I think it is definitely a GG game. The drop-in / drop-out, round based nature tends to fit the games which often land in GG. WoT, WoWs, etc.

I just installed Warframe 2 days ago, it is pretty cool. I don’t really like the way the camera moves around the character, rather than the character moving independently of the camera view, it makes me a little dizzy and sometime hard to see where the crosshairs are. But it looks like a cool game and easy to play short sessions if needed.

As it stands now it’ll remain unsupported by OTG. @thorm is Clan Leader of an Old Timers clan. Get in touch with him for an invite.

Whenever I cross my fingers and hope that today is the day that Warframe gets OTG support, I always look in GG. I mean it’s technically still in beta, but has been for years and doesn’t feel like a beta, so GD doesn’t seem like the right fit and it’s definitely not a new game. Looking at the in-game clan roster, it looks like 15+ people have played in the last day. Just out of curiosity, what’s the minimum bar for getting OTG support. Is there a ‘magic number’ for the number of active players?

ok time for my 2 cents. warframe does have a high join/ dropout rate. that being said there is a solid 10-15 people who play every day. some people take breaks from the game and come back when new content drops. Warframe has never had its own forum/visability. on the old website it was 2 threads that were burried within the general games forums. just being in discord i see several otg members playing the game that never knew otg had a presance in the game.
so whats the magic # to get a simple forum ill admit i dont spend much time on the forums because the game i play is not shown. i have been the clan leader/ chapter leader for warframe for over a year now without any gg support and would like to see the 4th most played game on steam get a little forum thread.
heres the steam post
only 89,000 people and at least 20 active otg members playing.

I have played this game off and on since ps4 release. Downloaded it on PC and have been playing 60 plus days straight with effjay and thorm. I have gone to the forums looking for support, before we finally caught thorm online ingame to get me into the clan. We need something else to get people interested that don’t know about the game or that have questions.

Like a lot of games, we don’t support. And I hear this same line from everyone playing everything they want to be supported. I’ve seen other guilds that have a LOT less supported games than OTG.

Warframe was never brought up to be a sanctioned OTG game that I know of. Doesn’t being only 2 threads show a lack of extreme interest?

*Because it never OFFICIALLY did. A clan, even one that is loosely named after OTG, i.e. “Old Timers” vs. “Old Timers Guild” was technically a violation of OTG’s LLC (I know you’re not the one who created it BTW).

I’d encourage people to post and get some attention and we’ll see what happens.

“without any gg support” = * answer above

Above you said 10-15 now you say 20?

Let’s see what happens based on interest level.

10 -15 that are in the “clan” with at least 5 more that aren’t. There are 7 people playing right now per discord. Can we at least get a text channel on discord?

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well sent you a message in discord though i prefer to play games and not type about them all day feel free to talk to me on discord or mumble.

No I’m with you on that. But, it could be used to post useful info plus get more people involved. Could get the presence that we want.

I’ll see about getting a “trial” basis forum on DISCOURSE but no promises.

And how do you think officers feel? :thinking:

Like bunnies. I think Officers feel like fluffy bunnies. Except Cefwyn…he probably feels different than that.

Fluffy monkey? :monkey_face:

I would have said spanked monkey, but that works.

Forum created. Impress me.